Best place to jump off a cliff: Sheung Luk stream

Best place to jump off a cliff: Sheung Luk stream

A walk to a secret scenic spot turns bloody good
Sheung Luk stream
sheung luk cliff jump
I triple dare you.

As I stood over the cliff, blood dripping down my right calf, I had a fleeting vision of my brains being bashed against the jagged rock face below.

Earlier, as I was climbing up the cliff, I became so preoccupied with a story I'd heard about a girl whose cliff-dive went so horribly wrong that it killed her that I didn't pay attention to a rock jutting out in front of me and it tore my calf open.

When I finally reached the edge of the cliff, I hesitated to go farther, teetering slightly with vertigo. I took a deep breath and steadied myself, then I looked down into the emerald pool -- it was mesmerizing.

Something in my head snapped. I jumped.

And I was hooked.

Adrenaline for free

The cliff at Shueng Luk stream in Sai Kung is about the only Hong Kong cliff where you can execute an eight-meter jump without paying a cent, and survive it.

With a two-story-high waterfall and a glimmering pond that begs to be jumped into, I almost thought I’d wandered into a water park when I first got to Sheung Luk.

Getting there isn't easy. We had to crawl through a tunnel of brambly shrubs and scale a jagged rock face to get to the pool. The adrenaline rush from the jump and the cool freshwater that greeted me at the bottom made it the most liberating experience I’ve had in years.

I'd still be there making jump after jump if I hadn't promised to come back and write this.

Editor's Note: So here are the words of warning. Climbing cliffs and rocks is dangerous, especially when there is moisture, and can lead to serious injury or death. Jumping from cliffs and rocks into water is also dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death. Check water depths and never jump when someone is below you. Know your own limitations.

Getting there

A 10-minute cab ride from Sai Kung Town took us to the cliff trail’s starting point at Sai Wan Pavilion. Following signs, we arrived at Sai Wan beach after an hour's hike.

We headed north for about 10 minutes and looked for a milepost that read KK 291795 with a bridge next to it. The opening to Sheung Luk stream was hidden in shrubs next the bridge.

For our trip home, we retraced our steps until we returned to the milepost, crossed the stone beach and followed the MacLehose Trail for half an hour to Tai Long Wan. From there we took a speedboat back to Sai Kung Town for HK$100.

That, and the angry scar across my calf, was a small price to pay for the perfect escape.