'Vulgar' cabaret show put on for free

'Vulgar' cabaret show put on for free

A cabaret show from Kwai Chung Global Art Theatre waives its ticket prices as it comes under fire for being "a bad influence"
Hong Kong cabaret
Kwai Chung Global Art Theatre's harmless cabaret dance show is deemed too racy for some residents.

Global Art Theatre, a cabaret troupe from Eastern Europe, has resorted to performing shows for free in Hong Kong because politicians and local residents are denouncing it as "vulgar" and "unacceptable."

On one side are people like Kwai Tsing district councilor Dennis Leung, who complained to the South China Morning Post that the shows have stepped well beyond the pale. “The existence of transvestites is wrong, and it's even more wrong to let them perform. They are a bad influence on our society,” Leung said.

But the theater claims there are no transvestites, or any racy material. Global Art Theatre general manager Rafe Hon told CNNGo Leung had never personally attended a show, and only acted on public complaints. As a result he is giving people the chance to view the show for free until the end of this month in a bid to "let the public judge for themselves."

The show, a medley of dances including cancan, salsa, break dancing and acrobatics, is all good, clean fun, he said. “The regional politician is being boorish and ridiculous. Kwai Tsing is an aging district, full of old people. They get riled up easily by politicians seeking publicity.”

The troupe performs two shows nightly for those interested in a taste of the controversy. A word of warning though: the show may be disappointing for anyone hoping to see something inappropriate.

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Global Art Centre
G/F Cinema Block, K.T.C.L., 50-56 Wo Yi Hop Road, Kwai Chung
Shows at 6:00pm and 8:45pm nightly until January 31
tel +852 2480-1933