Editors' Choice for 29th Hong Kong Film Awards

Editors' Choice for 29th Hong Kong Film Awards

We're rooting for our favorite film to win at Hong Kong's biggest cinematic event of the year

The 29th Hong Kong Film Awards will be given out this Sunday evening, and we're really excited that our favorite film this year has been nominated for Best Film: "KJ." It's not a kung fu movie, it's not slapstick humour, it's not even a tragi-romantic drama and doesn't have a single famous movie star in it.

It's a documentary. A sleeper hit documentary -- a phrase we never thought we'd see in relation to Hong Kong cinema.

The film follows the life of music prodigy Wong Ka Jeng from his days as a precocious child prodigy to an obnoxious teen conductor. We are brought close to the heart and mind of an adolescent who hides pain, cynicism, and extreme loneliness behind his musical genius. It's possibly the most engaging piece of work to come out of the Hong Kong film industry for the past 5 years. Best of luck, "KJ."

Here are the rest of the the nominees for the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards.

The Hong Kong Film Awards will be aired on April 18, 7:55pm, on ATV.

Best Film
Bodyguards And Assassins
Red Cliff II
Shinjuku Incident

Best Actor
Wang Xueqi (Bodyguards And Assassins)
Simon Yam (Night & Fog)
Aaron Kwok (Murderer)
Simon Yam (Echoes Of The Rainbow)
Lau Ching Wan (Overheard)

Best Actress
Zhang Jing Chu (Night & Fog)
Wai Yin Hung (At The End Of Daybreak)
Zhao Wei (Mulan)
Shu Qi (Look For A Star)
Sandra Ng (Echoes Of The Rainbow)  

Best Director
Teddy Chen (Bodyguards And Assassins)
Ann Hui (Night & Fog)
John Woo (Red Cliff II)
Derek Yee Tung Sing (Shinjuku Incident) 
Alan Mak & Felix Chong (Overheard)
Best Supporting Actor
Tong Leung Ka Fai (Bodyguards And Assassins)
Nicholas Tse (Bodyguards And Assassins)
Chang Chen (Red Cliff II)
Feng Tsui Fan (Accident)
Alex Fong (Overheard)
Best Supporting Actress
Li Yuchun (Bodyguards And Assassins)
Fan Bing Bing (Bodyguards And Assassins)
Zhao Wei (Red Cliff II)
Denise Ho (Look For A Star)
Michelle Ye (Accident)

Best New Performer

Fala Chen (Turning Point)
Li Yuchun (Bodyguards And Assassins)
Zhu Xuan (Prince Of Tears)
Aarif Lee (Echoes Of The Rainbow)
Buzz Chung (Echoes Of The Rainbow)
Best Cinematography
Arthur Wong Ngok Tai (Bodyguards And Assassins)
Anthony Pun Yiu Ming (Empire Of Silver) 
Lu Yue & Zhang Li (Red Cliff II)
Chin Ting Chang (Prince Of Tears)
Nobuyasu Kita (Shinjuku Incident)

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