Chi Lin Nunnery: Post-holiday detox for body and karma

Chi Lin Nunnery: Post-holiday detox for body and karma

A walk around the serene grounds of the nunnery completed by a meal at the reknowned Buddhist restaurant will restore order to our physical, mental and spiritual landscape
chi lin nunnery
Scenic spirituality at Chi Lin Nunnery.

Checking into a nunnery might sound a bit drastic as part of a post-holiday detox, but the Chi Lin Nunnery turns out to be literally a walk in the park.

The Tang dynasty architecture of the nunnery built in the 1990s and its gorgeous Chinese garden are an oasis in the middle of Diamond Hill's urban desert. The densely packed buildings of the neighborhood suddenly give way to the nunnery grounds, its greenery, flora, and mahogany buildings shining like well-thumbed prayer beads amongst the drab grey high-rises.

Chi Lin's 3.5 hectares are Hong Kong's most tranquil setting for a long solitary walk while contemplating your self-improvement program for the coming year. The reputable Buddhist vegetarian restaurant serves Chinese vegetarian food, such as vegetarian dim sum, mock meats, and, of course, plenty of tofu. The dishes are known for being less greasy than the usual Chinese vegetarian fare and are accompanied by serene views of a waterfall.

Detox is rarely this easy or yummy, and certainly never quite as culturally immersive.


Getting there

Chi Lin Nunnery
MTR Diamond Hill Station Exit C2, follow the signs for the nunnery. Open daily 7am - 9pm.

Chi Lin Vegetarian Restaurant
60 Fung Tak Road, Nan Lian Garden
Tel +852 3658 9388

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