The 'Carrot Bomber' caught by Hong Kong airport security

The 'Carrot Bomber' caught by Hong Kong airport security

In other news: A freak accident kills two, a chocolate thief, and Prius recall update
carrot bomber
A traveler at Hong Kong International Airport was escorted away by anti-terrorism officers and heavily armed police when the ion scanner swiped the traveler's belongings and set off an alarm.

Turns out James Andrew Matthews was carrying carrots, a tomato, and an avocado that had small residues of pesticides and fertilizers on them that set off the highly-sensitive alarm. School-boy error. Any self-respecting terrorist knows you have to wash your salad before you use it to blow up a plane. Sheesh. 

Matthews, now self-dubbed "The Carrot Bomber," missed his flight to Bangkok as a result of the hypersensitive security checks. But what really shocked us was his unbelievably healthy lunch, which also included vitamin powder and a boiled egg. 

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In other news

Freak accident: A 74-year-old woman slipped and fell 27 stories, landing on another woman. Both were killed by the accident.

Sticky fingers: A man is caught trying to swipe 50 boxes of chocolates, worth a total of HK$3,000, from a supermarket.

Toyota recall: Toyota is also recalling the latest generation of Prius sold in Hong Kong.

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