Where to watch the Olympic men's hockey final in Hong Kong

Where to watch the Olympic men's hockey final in Hong Kong

For many the highlight of the Games -- USA v Canada. Trouble is it's on at a ridiculous time in Hong Kong and viewing options are few and far between
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Canadians are hoping the nation that founded the sport will come out on top.

It's Team USA v Canada in the Winter Olympics men's gold medal final and for many the much anticipated highlight of the Vancouver Games. But where to watch the Winter Olympics men's hockey final in Hong Kong, half a world and a bunch of time zones away?

Firstly, a reason for non-USA and non-Canadian fans to care: Canada invented the game, and the ladies celebrated (not without controversy) knocking off Team USA a few days ago. The whole nation is riding on the fellas to stick it to its neighbor, align the stars and walk around with its chest sticking out. For Team USA, a victory will be its first Olympic gold medal since the "Miracle on Ice" super-amazing game 30 years ago. In 2002, at the Salt Lake City Games, the Canadians stuck it to the Americans away from home. So expect argy-bargy and over the top flag waving and patriotic fist bumping and pumping. It should be a classic says Sports Illustrated, especially after USA beat Canada in the preliminary round.

"Definitely we wanted to play them again. We know the rivalry is there. Now we have them again. It's pretty exciting," said Canada's leading goal scorer Jarome Iginla on Saturday.

The game is on Sunday, February 28 at 12.15pm Pacific standard time on the last day of Olympic action. Problem is in Hong Kong that means 4.15am, Monday morning. It's a school day/night and almost all bars will be closed by then. That is, all but these two that we found:

Where to watch the Winter Olympics men's hockey final in Hong Kong? Option 1: Amici

AmiciHigh attendance at Amici during the Canada vs Slovakia semi-final.

It will be a full house of Canadians, says Amici's manager Juraj Kuzma. After a successful turnout during the broadcast of the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in collaboration with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Amici will be welcoming hockey fans on Sunday night/Monday morning. Coffee, muffins, and bacon and egg sandwiches will be served that day for up to 120 weary but dedicated customers.

1/F, Empire Land Commercial Centre, 81-85 Lockhard Road (corner of Luard Road), Wan Chai, Hong Kong; tel: +852 2866 1918 (reservations highly recommended)

Where to watch the Winter Olympics men's hockey final in Hong Kong? Option 2: Champs Sports Bar

For a more spacious venue, visit The Charterhouse Causeway Bay Hotel's Champs Sports Bar. Only drinks will be served. The bar can fit a capacity of up to 150 people. If you decide to call in sick for work after the game, you can easily book a room at the hotel too.

The Charterhouse Causeway Bay Hotel, 209-219 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong; tel: +852 2833 9086; www.champsbar.com.hk(reservations recommended)

The biggest challenge might be not where to watch, but the watching strategy: Whether to wake up for it, or do an all nighter like a true, hopelessly devoted fan? Either way, a spot at these two bars will be far more atmospheric than the living room.

Know of other viewing options? Let us know below.

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