Video: Interview with Chrissie Chau, sex symbol of 2009 ... and 2010

Video: Interview with Chrissie Chau, sex symbol of 2009 ... and 2010

The headlining pseudo-model speaks to CNNGo about becoming Hong Kong's sex symbol, her true aspirations, and how she keeps her incredible figure

You can say many things about Chrissie Chau, but one thing you can't say is that the girl is lazy.

Since the busty model debuted in early 2009 in the sensational Slim Beauty ad, Chau has been working overtime to ensure maximum exposure, so to speak. Sudden Weekly made her their January 1, 2010 issue covergirl, and estimated that Chau has raked in nearly HK$4 million in the last six months just from selling her photo album and appearing in advertisements. Not bad for being a 'leng mo,' a profession that didn't gain public recognition until this past year. In fact, Chau became so popular that the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology held a seminar to address this new cultural phenomenon of leng mo, which Chau attended, resulting in a hilarious fish-out-of-water scenario.

Starring in several movies due for release in 2010, Chrissie Chau is under the spotlight in the coming year as the media watches to see just how she will get people to take her seriously as an actress. In the video above, Chau sheds her public persona to tell CNNGo about what she has learned so far about being Hong Kong's sex symbol, her experience with obsessive fans, and the secret to staying skinny.

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