Posto Pubblico: Hong Kong's new green eatery/bar/scene

Posto Pubblico: Hong Kong's new green eatery/bar/scene

Brand new Italian American eatery set to become really popular with locally grown organic ingredients, homemade flavors, and the perfect storefront -- no storefront
posto pubblico
Convivial atmosphere inside Posto Pubblico

Posto Pubblico officially opened for business yesterday. The people behind Wagyu and Solas got the brilliant idea of using locally grown produce in Italian American dishes and opened up this new restaurant-bar in Soho to serve them.

We passed by yesterday and really loved the ornate tiled floors, tall bar chairs, black board menus, and old school waiters' uniforms. They have the New York Italian bistro atmosphere down pat without being Fat-Angelo's-cheesy.

But that's inside Posto Pubblico. Outside, it's another story.

In true Wagyu/ Solas-style, Posto Pubblico has the perfect curb-side see-and-be-seen standing space. You'll know what I mean if you visit the corner of Hollywood Road and Lan Kwai Fong, where Wagyu and Solas are, on any night of the week and try to wade through the deep throng of drinkers parked on the curb.

Posto Pubblico's entrance is wide open -- no glass, no doors, no nothing. Several tall, tiny tables allow the ladies in stilletos to hold on with their right hand for balance while left hand twirls hair. Guys get to do their best James Dean against the small faux bannister. Throughout the night, trendy Soho types can walk by and eye the Posto Pubblico tableau of merry-makers. Great atmosphere, and great for business.

We have yet to try the environmentally-conscious menu, but we're pretty excited about sustainable eating -- a modern luxury. The pizzas and pastas sound great, but, honestly, we just want to get straight to dessert and cocktails. Listen to this:

Cassata icebox cake: roselle gel, ricotta, and pistachio gelato
Fenocchio: grapefruit & fennel, grapefruit gel, olive oil, fennel sorbeto

Italian mojito: white rum, prosecco, fresh lime juice, brown sugar, gomme, fresh mint
Angelo Azzuro: cointreau, limoncello, bombay sapphire gin, rmartini rosso

Sounds good.

Bloggers Geoff, from Geoff's Twitchen, and Jason from Life as a Bonvivant, both went to eat at Posto Pubblico and seemed to love it.

Posto Pubblico

G/F, 28 Elgin Street, Central
Tel +852 2577 7160

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