New year's resolution no. 2: Learn to cook Chinese or at least get the sexy Miele wok stove

New year's resolution no. 2: Learn to cook Chinese or at least get the sexy Miele wok stove

Miele's latest award-winning range of cookware is specially designed with the Hong Kong home cook in mind

We're drooling over Miele's new line of kitchen fittings designed for Asian cooking, which all won iF product design awards for 2008. Just look at the gleaming black curves of that "Induction Wok" -- its enough to drive even the most confirmed armchair cook (Food Network watchers and Saveur readers who don't really cook) to impulse purchase.

Induction Wok


This glass ceramic hot plate has a sunken design to hold woks and ensure even dispersion of heat -- flameless Asian cooking at its most ideal.

TepanYaki grill


This stainless steel surface has 12 power settings and two separate heating circuits so cooks have a range of temperatures to keep dishes warm on one end and stir-fry prawns on the other. The whole thing is under 40cm wide and just over 50cm long, so home cooks can set up an okonomiyaki station even in the most micro of Hong Kong kitchens.

Salamandar grill


Creme brulee, potato gratin ... Mecanese egg tarts. To achieve that golden-brown verging-on-burnt goodness in creamy dishes, a professional salamandar does the trick. This one is streamlined for home kitchens, into a tiny (just 88cm tall), boxy, beautiful piece of cooking gadgetry.

The new cooking range can be ordered direct from Miele Boutique (+852 2890 1018) or the Miele Customer Service Centre (+852 26101331) or by emailing

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