Hot food, cold night: Hong Kong's bounciest fishball hot pot

Hot food, cold night: Hong Kong's bounciest fishball hot pot

Hot pot restaurant Heep Sing shows how fish is best enjoyed -- ground to a paste and beaten to death
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Winter hot pot essentials: Disposable tablecloth, buckets of beer, rapper-style puffy jacket.

Hong Kong hot potHeep Sing's fishballs: Almost rubber.Chewiness is a prized texture in food for Hongkies and Hong Kong hot pot restaurant Heep Sing's fishballs are about as chewy as they come.

Forget about "al dente" -- Canto speakers have a more vivid phrase for that desirable chewy texture. The Canto term "daan ah" literally and figuratively means that the morsel of food under examination is 'bouncy on the teeth.'

To make a bouncy fishball that is full of good fishy flavor and without relying on food additives, you've got to carefully debone a white flesh fish and hand-beat the fish into fish paste. Luckily, Heep Sing's gone through with the exhausting process for you. Diners just have to chuck the fishballs into their hot pot and wait for them to float to the top, which is a sign that they are cooked through and ready to be devoured. 

Other yummy things to try at Heep Sing are the squid balls, the shrimp balls, the sliced beef, clams, chicken, and de-shelled razor clams ... everything really. The best seats in the house are outside of the house, in the back alleys next to the restaurant, where the chilly night air makes hot potting all the better.

Reservations needed days in advance. 130 Electric Road, Fortress Hill, North Point, tel +852 2571 2222


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