CityPulse: Duck tongues from Hung's Delicacy

CityPulse: Duck tongues from Hung's Delicacy

Hung's Delicacy recently got one Michelin star. Curious foodie Jennifer Cheung checks out what all the fuss is about
hung's delicacy
Famous duck tongue from famous Hung's Delicacy.

After Hung’s Delicacies was starred by Michelin, this cheap yet authentic Hong Kong resto has drawn visitors from both home and abroad. There’s a long queue as early as 11am.

“I treat every customer as a gourmet and listen to their opinions. That’s the reason why I can cook unique dishes,” said Lai Wai Hung, the owner of this Michelin one-star Chiu Chow bistro.

hung's delicacyYummy duck tongues prove every last bit of a bird is gourmet worthy.Food-wise, Hung’s has everything you can imagine in the world of soysauce-braised Chiu Chow snacks. It is most famous for the soysauce duck tongues and that's what I ordered. The tender duck meat easily split away from the tiny bone after a light bite with my front teeth. I have had duck tongues in Beijing before and they are usually spicy and briny. But Hung's duck tongue is different. It tastes quite unique and has a challenging flavor that lingers in the mouth. I cannot find the vocabulary to describe it, except that the duck is especially fresh for something that has probably been cooked for a long time.

The service is absolutely wonderful at Hung's even though the place is so cramped.

Once you sit down with your tired feet you will be offered a cup of hot tea and a bowl of steamed soup of the day. Hung's is known for using no MSG in their soup. It is real homemade Cantonese-style broth.

Before the main dish is served, you can look around and appreciate the flashy recommendations from media and foodies posted on the wall.

Also noticeable is the glamorous photos of Chua Lam's lo mein, which got its name after the famous gourmet Chua Lam who asked owner Ah Hung to blend the noodle with concentrated soysauce. Chua is an old friend of Ah Hung and the calligraphy on the signboard of the restaurant was inscribed by Chua.

Chua even mentions Hung's in his book "Chua’s Lifestyle" (2008): “Time flies and it’s been two years since I wrote the name 'Hung’s Delicacy' for Ah Hung.

About the author:

Jennifer Cheung likes to hang around town and stumble upon local bistros and pubs. As a children and women's rights advocate, Jennifer writes regularly for Global Voices. Her latest article on children's right can be found at China: Children who are left behind. Currently Jennifer is a journalism student at The University of Hong Kong.

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Hung's Delicacy

G/F, 84 Wharf Rd North Point
Tel +852 2570 1108
About HK$80 per person, free appetizers are provided while you wait.