As hits Hong Kong, here are some of our favorite blogs

As hits Hong Kong, here are some of our favorite blogs

The first regional event of its type brings the bloggers to the people. They are real, you know (click for live feed) has begun in Hong Kong, and it will run through Sunday, November 8 at the Henry Leong Community Center. is touted as the region's first cross-border get-together of bloggers, with hundreds in attendance.

All are welcome, and that means not just bloggers. Find out what your favorite blogger looks like or sounds like in real life. Or be anti-social and tweet or chat via your phone or laptop to keep up the sense of mystery. Whatever works.

Aside from a chance to meet and greet, according to the promotional material, "participants will be able to learn blogger/blogging activities in perspective countries / territories, and interact with key bloggers in Asia."

Speaking of key bloggers, here are only a very few of the many readers' and editors' picks of favorite blogs and bloggers from around the region (some write for CNNGo): Alt Japan (Japan), Jeansnow (Japan), Mutant Frog Travelogue (Japan), No-Sword (Japan), Austin Bush Photography (for Thai food), Gnarly Kitty (Thailand), Wise Kwai Film Journal (Thailand), Absolutely Bangkok, Mr. Brown (Singapore), Camenberu (Singapore), Shanghaiist (China), 56minus1 (China), Hermithideaways (South Korea), Thomas Crampton (Regional), Tokyo Terrace, Eating Asia (Malaysia) and My Mom is a FOB

Details on registration, speakers, events and entry to are available via the site.