How not to have a Taoist sex scam in Hong Kong

How not to have a Taoist sex scam in Hong Kong

Learn from the victims of Hong Kong's worst Taoism scams and don't have sex with so-called masters

According to Taoist master Edwin Ma, Taoist 'sex rituals' are a ritualised, metaphorical union performed between a husband and wife to elevate the practitioners' energy, rather than a purely literal interpretation of the term -- although, that counts too.

"It's just like some studies done through Western scientific methods that indicate sexual activity twice a week increases men's lifespan," says Ma. "Sex is good for health. But in Taoism, the rituals are performed between a married couple. If someone tries to convince you otherwise, it's most likely a sham."

In Hong Kong, several sex ritual shams have recently made local headlines and readers were gripped by the sordid details. But mostly, they were incredulous at the gullible victims.

Master Ma advises that as soon as anyone tells you to take off your clothes "that's a warning sign." There aren't any common rituals that require nudity or even physical contact. It might also pay to take heed of lessons hard-earned by the victims of Hong Kong's worst Taoist sex ritual scams:

hong kong taoist sex ritualsAu Yeung Kwok Fu performs a ritual in this file photo.Teenaged model meets Maoshan Taoist master

A teenaged pseudo-model hopeful was encouraged by her agent to visit bulldozer-driver-turned-Maoshan-Taoist-master Au Yeung Kwok Fu to increase her chances at fame and fortune through Taoist rituals. 'Master' Au Yeung was supposedly a consultant to several local celebrities, so the young girl seemingly had no doubts about him.

The ritual:
Young model arrives at a private flat outfitted in basic Taoist props such as incense burner and paper offerings. The 'master' chants some spell, leads girl to bedroom, tells her to undress and have sex with him. Afterwards, the girl drinks a glass of water mixed with the ashes of burnt paper offerings and even gave HK$200 in lucky money to the 'master' before leaving.

The pair subsequently performed the 'ritual' nine more times until the girl finally got pregnant, smartened up, and reported Au Yeung to the police. Au Yeung claims he was possessed by a god while he was performing the ritual and that he didn't know what he was doing.

The verdict:
Au Yeung was sentenced to six years and nine months in prison for nine counts of using false pretenses to procure a person for unlawful sex.

hong kong taoist sex ritualsThe Eight Immortals -- mythical characters in Taoism.Middle-aged clerk meets Hall of Eight Immortals

Former-PLA-personnel-turned-Taoist-master Deng Qianxiang was operating the Hall of Eight Immortals with several accomplices at Hennessy Road, Wanchai. Over 30 people have been registered in the Hall's books as having paid for Taoist rituals and offerings in the past four years. Only one spoke out about a long-running scam -- a middle-aged female clerk who was swindled out of HK$1.55 million.

Deng, who called himself 'Master Zhou,' and convinced the clerk that he could help her obtain HK$130 million in heavenly treasure.

The ritual:
'Master Zhou' told the victim to spit water all over two yellow sheets of paper. Chinese characters then appeared -- seemingly by magic -- on the sheets of paper. The characters said that the woman was going to become rich very soon and that she should give the master HK$50,000.

The clerk continued to visit the Hall and spent a total of over HK$1.5 million during a period of eight months on what she believed were sacred objects, such as 'century old ginseng,' figurines, and rituals. She was hoping that positive energy generated from the rites would lead her to fortune. When pots of gold were not appearing on her doorstep however, Master Zhou convinced her it was because she was lacking in 'yang' energy and that a sex ritual would balance out her life force. The victim had intercourse with Master Zhou seven times, and once with his friend 'Master Liu,' until her family convinced her to call the police.

The verdict:
Deng pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud and has been sentenced to four years and eight months in prison.

hong kong taoist sex ritualsTony Chan and the late Nina Wang and. File photo.Asia's richest woman meets toothsome Tony

The most infamous sexual scam of all is bartender-turned-feng-shui-consultant Tony Chan's claims to having a sexual relationship with Nina Wang, formerly Asia's richest woman.

After Wang passed away, Chan claimed that he possessed Wang's will which states that she left him her entire multi-billion dollar estate. Chan described their intimate relationship in court to justify his claims.

The courtship:
Chan claims that Wang and him began sexual relations a month into knowing each other. He describes how Wang would call him 'husband' and how he stayed overnight in Wang's penthouse even while his real wife was pregnant with their first child.

From statements made in court, Chan said that he played games with Wang that had feng shui overtones, such as burning real paper money and burrowing holes in the ground for luck. He displayed coffee mugs printed with their photos and a video he made of Wang in a Qing dynasty costume as evidence of their love.

When Chan found out that Wang had left him her entire estate, he said that he was "very surprised that she loved me so deeply."

The verdict:
The courts found Wang's will in Chan's possession to be a fake. Chan was arrested on February 4 on charges of forgery.