2010 Miele Guide: Vote for your favorite restaurant in Hong Kong and all of Asia

2010 Miele Guide: Vote for your favorite restaurant in Hong Kong and all of Asia

Yung Kee, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, and Tonkichi Tonkatsu are all nominated for The Miele Guide's Best Asian Restaurants
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Online public voting has commenced for the 2010 Miele Guide to Asian restaurants. Just sign up at their website and start clicking on places that you love to eat at in Hong Kong, and 18 other places in Asia. The best part is you get to nominate any restaurant that you think deserves a chance at being included in The Miele Guide, so we've got the stalwarts of fine dining such as L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon and Yung Kee up against trendy Causeway Bay tonkatsu joint Tonkichi Tonkatsu.

The Miele Guide profiles Asia's restaurants, selected by professional restaurant critics, a jury of respected foodies, and public voting. The 2009/2010 edition profiled the top 450 restaurants in the region, taken from a survey in which over 2,000 restaurants received votes. See the full list of Asia's Top 20 Restaurants by the 2009 Miele Guide. 

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