Donald Tsang's hip hop Christmas greeting and other official eyesores of 2010

Donald Tsang's hip hop Christmas greeting and other official eyesores of 2010

A rapping chief executive tops the list of Hong Kong's most memorable government videos of the year

Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang chose to send his Christmas greetings this year via Cantopop rapper MC Jin. The two collaborated on a Christmas music video which was released on December 18.

At the time of publishing this post, the video garnered 1,521 likes, and 4,960 dislikes on YouTube.

But it isn't the only government video to raise eyebrows this year. Here are some of the most classic government videos in Hong Kong 2010.

1. MC Jin x Bow Tie

See the video here

This video is basically a wolf in a terrible sheep's costume. Jin tries to hammer 起錨 into our heads -- it's the Cantonese slogan for the government's Hong Kong Act Now campaign -- making this video a vehicle for delivering a political message thinly veiled as a Christmas card.

However, we take issue with it not for its political leanings, but more for MC Jin's weak stab at rapping. As one YouTube user typed in the comment box: "What happened to the grimy kid that used to rap 'you be checking for hot males on hotmail'?"

The kid who was battling on BET and mixing it up on "Learn Chinese" was impressive. The one in this Donald Tsang video sounds like he's doing awkward nursery ryhmes. 

2. Anti-smoking hip hop

See the video here.

From the moment the guy with the corn rows made into a faux-hawk shows up -- that's pretty much the very first moment -- I can detect a scraping sound in the distance. That's the sound of every single dead MC collectively turning in their graves.

Admittedly, there are a couple of golden moments in this video. Such as, seeing the fat construction worker and the uptight nurse passionately doing the finger dance (0:19). 

But otherwise, this anti-smoking pseudo-hip hop video makes me want to grab those wagging fingers and press them all into my eyeballs, until my eyeballs pop.

3. John Tsang is everywhere

See the video here.

Hands-down winner of Creepiest Government Video. A friend claims he still suffers nightmares where he is making out with an attractive woman who suddenly takes off her flesh mask "Mission Impossible"-style to reveal that she is Financial Secretary John Tsang.

So he starts running away from girlfriend/Tsang and she/he chases him down the streets. Ducking into a public toilet to hide, he splashes water on his face to calm himself down. Then he looks up into the mirror above the sink and is horrified with what he sees. He has become John Tsang.

4. Prom dress metaphor

See the video here.

So according to the metaphor in this video, Hong Kong people are like spoilt high-school girls, the government is a disorganized seamstress who does things at the last minute, and the constitutional reform package is like an unnecessary side project by the doting parent.

5. Nutrition labeling cute-ified

See the video here.

In an attempt to make the concept of nutrition labeling appeal to the masses, the producers of this video have personified different nutritional elements as children dressed in white costumes, looking sperm-like.