Macau Playboy bunnies will be hot and intelligent (but mainly hot)

Macau Playboy bunnies will be hot and intelligent (but mainly hot)

The Playboy Club in Macau is trying to do what men have been trying for millennia -- to find and gather the region's sexiest, smartest girls and have them serve us drinks in bunny costumes
Macau Playboy Bunny HuntWe've been assured that Macau's Playboy Club will also be "lady friendly."

After my spectacular failure to infiltrate the bunny world I had to settle for attending the Macau Playboy Bunny Hunt as a regular journalist. 

Over 400 applicants were whittled down to 15 to battle it out at the Sands Macao Hotel on October 15. The prize: a place as a Playboy bunny in Macau’s sexiest new club due to open in November 2010.

The general manager of club operations for Playboy Macau, Reggie Martin, was one of the judges for the night. While the search for bunnies to work in the club is worldwide, Reggie was keen to find girls from Hong Kong and Macau.

I gave her my card. She put it down her top. 'That's where we keep all our tips. At the end of the night we unzip and it all falls out,' she said

“We’re looking for locals first. We’re looking for locals that really stand out.”

I put it to Martin that having a rather lumpy jumper may help in becoming a Playboy bunny.  “No, we’re looking for more. All the girls have great bodies but we are also looking for a lot of personality,” he says. 

And standing in a room full of scantily dressed hot women who are not complete bimbos is a pretty difficult thing to do. Unless you're a man. If I had stripped naked, done my best chicken impression and then dived into the swimming pool next to the stage, it wouldn’t have been enough to avert the gaze of the male audience from the Playboy bunnies around us.

These girls are hot and some are remarkably intelligent. A handful of bunnies were shipped in from Vegas to show the wannabe bunnies how it should be done. One of them, Denise Pernula, says she is also a news anchor in the United States and loves being a bunny.

“I traveled around the world with the job. I’ve been on TV, radio shows, and on any given night you meet lots of celebrities. It’s been a wild ride and I’m a very lucky girl.”

I thanked her for talking to me and gave her my card. She promptly put it down her bunny top. “That’s where we keep all our tips,” Pernula informed me. “At the end of the night we unzip and it all falls out.” I bet.

Unfortunately, not all the girls were as switched on. There were a few uncomfortable moments as the MC for the night introduced the girls and asked them questions about themselves, beauty pageant-style.

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Macau Playboy Bunny HuntHong Kong bunny hopefuls Yoyo Ng (left) and Ching Yi.

When asked why they wanted to be a Playboy bunny answers vary from “I think it’s everyone’s dream to be a Playboy Bunny” (the male MC points out politely that it is not his dream) to “I love Playboy” (simple and to the point, I suppose). Alas, no one answers, “Because I want to earn lots of dough.”

The girls who make the final cut won't be revealed until the club opens in November but Reggie Martin says the “beautiful” Hong Konger and full-time model Yoyo Ng is in the running for a spot in the club.

Ng wants to be a Playboy bunny to “see more of life” and she “enjoyed the buzz of the event.” Her fellow candidate, 24 year-old graduate Ching Yi, is equally bubbly about the auditions. “The competition has been great and I am extremely happy. I have made good friends with the other girls and the costume is beautiful.”

One of the girls that stands out for me is Bianca Nunes, an art student at Macau University. Poor Nunes is wearing a massive bandage around her leg and is doing her best to work the look. Any girl who can pull off looking sexy while imitating an Egyptian mummy gets my vote.

A week before the event, Nunes was running to get a cab, cut her leg on some metal from the vehicle, and had to have 14 stitches. “I still decided to come because I didn’t want to miss this chance,” she says. You can’t knock these girls’ commitment to the bunny cause.

The 12,000 square foot penthouse Playboy Club will open at the Sands Macao Hotel in November. Women who are worried about their male partners obsessively running off to Macau every weekend for the club need not panic. Reggie Martin emphasizes that the Playboy Club is also “lady friendly” and everyone is guaranteed a good time. 

Might be worth keeping a close eye on them though, or investing in a pair of bunny ears. If you can’t beat them ...

Macau Playboy Bunny HuntBunny love: “All the girls have made friends in this competition,” says Hong Kong candidate Ching Yi.

Macau Playboy Bunny HuntHong Kong's bunny candidates in the back row and the bunnies shipped in from Vegas in the front row.

Macau Playboy Bunny HuntPlayboy bunnies are essentially waitresses at Playboy venues. After being chosen, the bunnies go through strict training and must comply with many club rules to survive as a professional bunny.

Macau Playboy Bunny HuntBunnies work it for the cameras.

Macau Playboy Bunny HuntDenise Pernula was discovered at a Playboy Bunny Hunt in Vegas in 2006.

Macau Playboy Bunny HuntFormer Miss Hong Kong candidates also join the hunt.

Macau Playboy Bunny HuntBeing a bunny is no bum deal. Vegas bunny and star of the evening Denise Pernula says she has traveled the world as a Playboy bunny.

Macau Playboy Bunny HuntStrategic lighting glams up bunny hopefuls Raico Bule (left) and Tiffany Chung.

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