Will you McMarry me? Couple opt for McDonald's engagement party

Will you McMarry me? Couple opt for McDonald's engagement party

One young couple in Hong Kong celebrates Valentine's Day with a sweet, sour and highly "cheesy" engagement party at McDonald's

mcdonald's wedding hong kongRaise your McFlurries to Ashley Tse and Kelvin Kwong's anti-traditional engagement party.

While some people on the other side of the planet are beheading Ronald McDonald statues, here in Hong Kong the fast food chain is still a symbol of joy and plentitude. At least for one couple, who had their surprise engagement party at McDonald's.

And it was on Valentine's Day. That's a double "cheese" burger, for sure.

Kelvin Kwong and Ashley Tse have been together for nine years and recently decided to get married. But Tse has always regretted that Kwong never formally proposed to her.

To rectify this potential disturbance to future matrimonial harmony, Kwong decided to throw Tse a surprise engagement party yesterday, complete with a dramatic proposal at McDonald's. Because "it is the last place she would ever think of."

"This will be an unforgettable experience for her," said the groom-to-be. "Besides, it is hard to find a place where the grown-ups and the kids can all feel at ease. If we held the party at a hotel or a regular restaurant, it wouldn't have the same effect."

mcdonald's wedding hong kong"Will you marry me? I promise to always let you have the last French fry."

Since McWeddings were launched only after they made their wedding plans, Kwong and Tse won't be holding their actual wedding at McDonald's.

"If I did hold it here though, I would book out the entire McDonald's and do it up big," said Kwong.

Their engagement party cost HK$9,999 (about US$1,280) -- the number nine is a lucky one for Chinese culture. The cost included all party neccessities, like a party emcee who got everyone playing party games and, of course, plenty of burgers and fries for their 50-100 guests.

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