Li Ka-shing wants to give his millions to you

Li Ka-shing wants to give his millions to you

The world's fourth richest man puts his money where his heart is with the HK$300 million give away to anyone who has a good idea for improving Hong Kong
Love HK Your Way Li Ka-shing
Deadline for submissions to "Love HK Your Way" is October 17.

Love HK Your Way Li Ka-shingLi Ka-shing: "Take my money!"The world's fourth richest man, Li Ka-shing wants to give away HK$300 million with his philanthropic campaign called "Love HK Your Way." Anyone with an idea for how to improve Hong Kong can submit their project proposals to the organization and try to gain some of Li's dough.

The Li Ka-shing Foundation welcomes all applications to be sent through the website The ideas will then be voted on by the public and the ones with the highest votes have a chance to win up to HK$25,000 for individuals, and up to HK$300,000 for organizations.

As long as you have a Hong Kong ID card, you can have your voice heard on the campaign website. That means you, me, our adolescent brothers and our grandmas all have an equal chance of winning cash. Ho Hei Wah, director of Society for Community Organizations, said to that he is interested in submitting a proposal and that he would encourage residents in the Sham Shui Po area to submit their own ideas.

Deadline for submissions is October 17, 2010. Online voting begins November 1.