Jasmine Revolution 'sluggish' in Hong Kong

Jasmine Revolution 'sluggish' in Hong Kong

Democratic movement met with lukewarm response, and Long Hair blocks police views

jasmine revolution hong kongA recent scene from Tunisia's "Jasmine Revolution" that is not likely to be replicated in Hong Kong soon.Hong Kong netizens tried to ignite their own "Jasmine Revolution" -- an intense campaign by the public in Tunisia that resulted in the overthrow of the government and which has inspired similar movements around the world -- asking people to turn up to a rally in Wanchai on February 27. Only 20 people showed.

Protestor representative Jackson Ng told the South China Morning Post that he only expected four people. The Post called the first rally "a sluggish start" to the Jasmine Revolution in the SAR. 

The rally took place at the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wanchai. Protestors, including activists from the Young Civics, held placards that read "Long live people's power, long live democracy."

Ng said: "Hong Kong people are fairly pragmatic. Perhaps people might be more willing to come out and protest against the government over not getting a transport subsidy. The Jasmine Revolution is a bit distant from them."

Meanwhile, a group rallied outside Beijing's office in Sheung Wan for the second time in a week to show support for the Jasmine Revolution demonstrations in mainland China. Participants included Legco member Leung Kwok Hung aka Long Hair and League of Social Democrat activists.

According to the BBC, there were about 40 protestors up against 100 police officers. 

Police tried to confiscate protest banners because they were "blocking the view of police officers." Minor scuffles broke out as the activists tried to break through police barriers.

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