Hong Kong social media use higher than United States

Hong Kong social media use higher than United States

A new survey indicates that Facebook helps Hong Kong people achieve work-life balance

hong kong social media useSmartphones make it easier for Hong Kong people to use social media.Social media use is higher in Hong Kong than in the United States, according to the Blogher 2011 Social Media Matters Study.

Out of 387 Hong Kong residents polled in the online survey conducted in March and co-sponsored by Ketchum, 92 percent visit Facebook, 77 percent read blogs on a weekly basis and 52 percent write blogs. 

Comparatively, only 87 percent of respondents in the United States indicated that they use Facebook weekly, while Brazil notched up 72 percent and Germany 58 percent.

Nearly half of Hong Kong respondents agreed that social media "had a positive impact on their lives."

In a city where people struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance, social media make it easier for Hong Kongers to connect with each other despite grueling work schedules.

"When face time is being squeezed, people switch online to share stories, gossip," said Simeon Mellalieu, general manager of Ketchum Hong Kong. 

"Teenagers, businessmen and grandparents are using even two minutes of downtime to stay connected and share experiences with friends and loved-ones."

Facilitating this is the widespread use of smartphones in Hong Kong, which Mellalieu says is double the global average.

According to the report, social networking sites also influence purchasing decisions -- 50 percent of respondents made a purchase based on a blog recommendation.

Questioned about the influence of media formats on purchasing decisions, 52 percent of Hong Kong respondents said blogs, message boards and social networks ranked higher than television.

Mellalieu says marketers in Hong Kong have been slow to pick up on this opportunity because up till now there has not been sufficient quantitative data to provide insight on Hong Kong people's online behavior and social media's impact on target demographics.

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