Hong Kong travelers prefer eating to having sex in hotel beds

Hong Kong travelers prefer eating to having sex in hotel beds

A Hotels.com survey uncovers the curious habits of the Hong Kong traveler
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A cheeseburger would really complete life right now.

Hongkongers, more than any other nationality, love to eat in hotel beds.

That's one of the findings from hotel booking website Hotels.com, which ran a survey on the bedtime habits of travelers from around the world.

Conducted amongst 1,000 travelers worldwide in April and May 2011, the survey found that most Hong Kong travelers like to watch TV or read in bed when they are not sleeping in it.

However, 45 percent of Hong Kong travelers also like to use their hotel beds for eating, which is considerably higher than the global average of 17 percent.

Only 35 percent of Hong Kong respondents selected "having sex in bed." This was equal to the number of people who like to use the Internet in bed. Fishy.

The survey did not explore whether respondents who did not choose "having sex in bed" as one of their preferences took issue with the "sex" part or the "in bed" part.



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