Summer cold snap: Ice World 2012 brings Harbin ice sculptures to Macau

Summer cold snap: Ice World 2012 brings Harbin ice sculptures to Macau

Giant ice carvings in a man-made glacial environment is the best way to cool down in the gaming capital
Macau Ice World 2012
When slot machine burn-out sets in, chill out in front of this ice replica of the Temple of Heaven.

Ice World 2012 will open in Macau on May 19. It's averaging 30 C this summer in Macau and how do denizens of Asia's gambling capital handle the heat? By artificially cooling down a big hall to minus 8 C and admiring intricate ice sculptures to pass the time.

For the second year in a row, Macau is pulling off an immensely popular exercise in extravagant energy consumption. The Ice World 2012 is a 1,670-square-meter hall at the CotaiExpo that is maintained at a constant winter temperature, much colder than Macau ever gets naturally.

Co-organized by the Heilongjiang Provincial Ice and Snow Art Development Co. Ltd., the ice art in Macau was created by masters from the province of China's famed Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.

Macau Ice World 2012Coolest hands in the north: master carvers from Harbin came to Macau to create Ice World.

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All of Macau's icons will be rendered in solid H²O, such as the city's symbol of the lotus flower and various heritage sites.

And there will be sculptures of things that don't have much to do with Macau, but look great in ice. There's the Fairy Tale Forest featuring a pumpkin carriage, a frozen waterfall and a lake. An ice labyrinth, a slide and a music hall with an ice piano, guitar, organ and drum set.

When the cold gets too much, just leave the hall and thaw out while exploring the rest of Macau. See our Insider Guide: Best of Macau for suggestions.

Travelers who braved the actual Harbin winters (at an average of minus 17 C) for the original Ice and Snow Festival may be kicking themselves right now.

Getting there:
Ice World 2012 will be on show from May 19 until September 16, 2012 at CotaiExpo Hall F at The Venetian Macao. Open daily, noon-8 p.m., MOP 100 per person.

Hooded jackets are provided by the venue for ticket holders, but children's sizes are not available. Visitors are encouraged to dress appropriately. Socks, gloves and hats may be purchased on-site and limited numbers and sizes of boots will be available for rent as well.

See for more details.

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