Everything but the man: Chinese 'golden spinsters' just can't get hitched

Everything but the man: Chinese 'golden spinsters' just can't get hitched

Look at all these gorgeous, successful Chinese women: Somebody marry them already

hong kong golden spinstersRosamund Kwan, pushing 50, still good to look at. Single ladies of Asia who are past conventional marriageable age -- there is hope.

Just look at 41-year-old pop diva Karen Mok who gleefully announced on stage that she is going to marry her high school sweetheart this year, after they reunited at a high school reunion.

Mok's announcement is a slap in the face of society for every snide remark it has ever made about "leftover women" -- when they do finally get married, it is in the most phenomenal and fairytale manner.

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Hong Kong has a lot of single ladies. About 10 percent of the population is single and female, between the ages of 18-60. That means, for every five women, there is one "leftover woman."

But no worries ladies, you are in good company. The world is full of hot women who for one reason or another remain unwed. But they get on with their lives and their careers just fine.

Check out these rich and famous leftover women in Asia, or the more apt moniker "golden spinsters."

Shu "did soft porn" Qi, aged 35

hong kong golden spinstersShu Qi covered up.

Wild child Shu Qi has famously said that her clearest childhood memories were of being chased by her father with a stick. She was a naughty one who needed to be beaten into submission. Or something like that.

When she turned 16, she capitalized on her physical assets and became a star in soft porn. Shu has since achieved the miraculous feat of going from B-erotica to A-list actress.

Her most tabloid-worthy romance was with Leon Lai, one of Cantopop's Four Heavenly Kings. Even though the pair split in 2005, the press still like to use it as a reference point, kind of like the Brad and Jen split in the States.

In her interviews, Shu has said that the breakup was one of the worst of her life and that it was probably because Lai's father could not accept her porno past.

They say she's still single because ... once you're a porn star, always will you carry a whiff of the porn star. And she's probably still pining after Leon Lai.

Gigi "too tall" Leung, aged 35

hong kong golden spinstersHey there! Want to get hitched?

Hong Kong actress and pop-star Gigi Leung Wing-kei of the endless legs, anime eyes and cutesy hair manages to maintain an air of the ageless ingenue about her. But the lady is well into her thirties.

Nowadays known more for her weibo than her singing, Leung's romantic history is marked by a dramatic split with fellow crooner-actor Ekin Cheng (no. 14 on our most beautiful men list) in 2005. The two were in a solid relationship for about 6 years and their coupledom was taken for granted by the Hong Kong public. 

A feng shui master even went on the record to predict the pair would wed in 2005 -- or split forever. The latter prediction became reality and a spate of bad press followed for Leung.

Bouncing back from the tabloid and personal drama, Leung dated a couple of foreigners in subsequent years, but none of them have blossomed into marriage.

They say she's still single because ... it is rumored that Leung can be bossy and demanding, her height of 176cm is daunting for most vertically-challenged men in Hong Kong and, perhaps most importantly, her mother seems to have influence over her choice of mate.


Rosamund Kwan, anti-ageing poster child-woman, aged 49

hong kong golden spinstersSmolder, smolder...

Some women age gracefully and some women just don't age at all. Rosamund Kwan, retired actress-sex-symbol, is one such woman with enviable DNA.

In 1981, Kwan married tycoon Wang Guosheng after dating him for two months. The divorce came just nine months later. Few could see that coming.

Kwan then occupied gossip columns with her high-profile romances, such as one with tycoon Joseph Lau Luen-Hung and the mildly scandalous relationship with model Jimmy Wong Ga-lok who is eight years younger than Kwan.

On breaking up with Jimmy Wong, Kwan has said: "Wong is a simple, decent person, I can only put the blame on the fact that my world is more complicated than his!"

They say she's still single because ... as Kwan says herself, she's "complicated."

Zhou Xun, China's queen of quirk, aged 37

hong kong golden spinstersSaid to have a perfect Chinese face.

Ballsy actress Zhou Xun burst onto the scene with her role in moody art house flick "Suzhou River."

Although she is now raking in the yuan by headlining mainland Chinese blockbusters, Xun has never lost her art house charm.

Whether it is her gravelly just-out-of-bed voice, or her sartorial surprises, Xun retains a sense of quirk that has endeared her to millions of Chinese fans. Having a near perfect face doesn't hurt her either.

But such an adorable woman is still unlucky in love. Xun had a six-year romance with Taiwanese stylist Li Daqi, which ended when Xun fell for son-of-tycoon Wang Shuo. 

But the Xun and Wang love story ended abruptly last year and the actress has since embraced her life as a self-proclaimed golden spinster, a role she says she loves.

They say she's still single because ... she enjoys it.

Li Bing Bing, The Other Bing Bing, aged 35

hong kong golden spinstersEvery Beauty awaits her Beast.

Li Bing Bing is often compared to fellow A-list actress Fan Bing Bing. Although, they don't really have anything in common apart from their name and their status as the new faces of Chinese actresses.

Fan is several years younger and can't really be included in a list of spinsters. Li, on the other hand, is firmly in the field of should-settle-down and movie fans are getting anxious for her.

Li keeps her romances low-key and mysterious. Apart from rumors of romantic links to Ken Chu and Wang Zhongjun, some gossip-mongers say Li has been married for more than 10 years to tycoon Shi Tao. Maybe she will pull an Andy Lau some day.

They say she's still single because ... a "single girl" image is good for her career. 

Sammi "saved" Cheng, aged 39

hong kong golden spinstersI love God! I'm getting married soon!

Hong Kong pop diva Sammi Cheng is most likely to get married this year out of all the golden spinsters.

Cheng and beau Andy Hui first hooked up in the 1990s and sang bittersweet duets together, such as "其實你心裏有沒有我." When the couple split up in 2004, it rocked the world of tabloids, Cantopop fandom and anyone who could care.

Following her breakup, the gossip mags reported Cheng's struggle with depression and she took a break from show business for two years.

Cheng eventually became a born-again Christian and her embrace of the religion is now a central theme in the Sammi Cheng pop paradigm.

After Cheng's successful comeback, she and Hui finally announced this year that they are back together. The news once again rocked various worlds.

The couple's good friend Edmund Leung hinted that Cheng and Hui would marry by the end of the year.

They say she's still single because ... it's all in the timing.

Hsu Jinglei, beautiful blogger, aged 37

An actress-turned-director, Hsu Jinglei is also known for her blog, her weibo and her romantic relationships. Sometimes a combination of the three.

Such as when she dated controversial young Chinese writer Han Han. The two left flirtatious messages on each other's blogs, much to the delight of online voyeurs.

Other rumored romances were with Zhang Yadong, Li Yapeng, Huangjue and Stanley Huang.

According to Information Times, Hsu said she has always been in a relationship with the same man.

So why doesn't she get married?

"You must be going crazy if you marry someone," said Hsu in an interview with Southern Metropolis Entertainment Weekly.  

They say she's still single because ... she's too smart to do something like get married.

Lin Chiling, Taiwan's no. 1 model, aged 37

hong kong golden spinstersLin Chiling: all sugar, no spice.Taiwan's most famous model Lin Chiling sparked a craze for celebrity models in Taiwan, which pundits have coined "The Lin Chiling Phenomenon."

The leggy lady has denied going under the knife to augment her beauty despite widespread rumors. But the public loves it, voting her Best Breasts in 2009.

Lin is also known for her polite demeanor and dulcet tones, typical of Taiwanese women.

Past relationships include three years with superstar Jerry Yan and with high-profile entrepreneur Guo Taiming.

Some people say she secretly been with a doctor boyfriend for 15 years, others say she was seeing designer Su Dianzhong. The latest rumors are that she will marry businessman Scott Qiu next year.

Who knows? Who cares?

They say she's still single because ... she's so sweet, it borders on sickly .

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