Joey Chestnut and skinny Hong Kong girl in eating contest

Joey Chestnut and skinny Hong Kong girl in eating contest

Natalie Chin weighs less than 45 kilos and eats 74 wontons in eight minutes
CP Biggest Eater Competition
Destroyer of wontons, Natalie Chin.

Age, size and experience mean nothing when it comes to competitive eating.

The Hong Kong leg of the CP Biggest Eater Competition took place over the weekend with international competitor Joey Chestnut. But all eyes were on the rookies.

Hong Kong female contestant Natalie Chin looked the least likely to win any type of eating competition. The first-time contestant is the youngest in the competition at 23 years old and weighs less than 45 kilograms.

Chin ate 74 wontons in the allotted eight minutes of competition time and took home the female division prize, setting a new Hong Kong record in the process.

The winner in the men’s division, Lam Yat Ming, beat out favorite and well-known “Hong Kong’s biggest eater” Johnny Wu by downing 131 wontons in eight minutes using his “kneel and eat” technique.

Chin and Lam will represent Hong Kong at the finals in Bangkok, competing with representatives from Singapore, Thailand and Australia for a US$3,000 grand prize.

Big names in the competitive eating arena, world number one Joey Chestnut and female world number two Chinese native Juliet Lee were also at the Hong Kong leg of the CP Biggest Eater Competition.

Last year, Joey Chestnut beat out another well-known competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi by downing 380 wontons in eight minutes.

Chestnut took it easy this time around, devouring 225 wontons in the same time limit. It seems local competitors still have a long way to go before they approach his level.

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