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Sumi Yakitori

Sumi Yakitori

Yakitori joint serves tongue to crave for
9/F, Evernew House, 485 Lockhart Rd., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong +852 2980 3312
Monday - Saturday, 7-10 p.m.
Payment Methods:
sumi yakitori
Like "making out with a cow"? We'll take Michael Lam's word for it.

Hidden on the ninth floor of a grubby building mostly devoted to hostess bars and seedy karaoke joints, Sumi is a cozy private kitchen with a Japanese izakaya feel.

The house specializes in yakitori, such as barbecued ox tongue skewers. Food critic Michael Lam says it's so good it's like "making out with a cow."

Cooked on an open grill behind the bar the barbecued food on sticks includes chicken skin and the sweetest corn on the cob in town.