Onno Schreurs: 'Hong Kong has a great dining community'

Onno Schreurs: 'Hong Kong has a great dining community'

Head of Hong Kong Restaurant Week Onno Schreurs tell us why our city was chosen for the week-long budget bacchanalia

hong kong restaurant weekOnno Schreurs: meditating on meals.Diningcity.com's Hong Kong Restaurant Week started online reservations on June 22 and all bookings for Fofo and Bo Innovations are already full.

We asked the Onno Schreurs, managing director of Diningcity.com for Hong Kong and China, a round of quick-fire questions to see how he thinks he's doing so far.

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CNNGo: Why do the restaurant week in Hong Kong?

Onno Schreurs: Hong Kong is the perfect city for Restaurant Week. Many restaurants. Lots of variety in style. There’s Michelin stars. There’s great chefs. The perfect mix for Restaurant Week.

After the enormous success in Singapore and Shanghai we were convinced that Hong Kong should work even better, and it does.

I see a lot of similarities between Hong Kong and New York and in New York this concept has worked very well for almost 20 years.

Restaurant Week is a great way for restaurants to attract new guests. It’s like a showcase week. Restaurants can show their guests what they can do and how creative they are.

We focus on people who love dining, and there’s many of them in Hong Kong. There’s a great dining community.

CNNGo: How will you judge if it is a success?

Schreurs: We measure the online reservations of course, so we know exactly how many people went to which restaurants. That’s a great way for us to measure.

Restaurants will get between 150 and 500 guests in one week. That’s a good result. Most important is that the restaurants are happy with their new clientele. And when guests write great reviews and have a great time. When all this comes together it’s a success.

CNNGo: What would be your top 10 restaurants where you would want to eat?

Schreurs: We started with a small list of restaurants for this first edition. We have a great selection, and a little bit of everything, in every area. That’s what I wanted.

There’s of course many more restaurants in the city and many of them approached us to join. Still we keep the number of restaurants limited. I will need to visit the restaurant first and see if that is what we are looking for.

Next edition will be bigger and we will have more restaurants. That’s for sure.

There’s still many restaurants in the city that are my favorite but here’s the list: Bo Innovations, Hoi King Heen, Pure, Press Room, Finds, Yat Tung Heen, 208 Duecento Otto, Orange Tree, Café de Paris.