New show: Best Hong Kong food for under HK$50

New show: Best Hong Kong food for under HK$50

Food show pays surprise visits to Hong Kong eateries serving incredible meals for under 50 bucks food show
C-Kwan envies Chan's fish filet burger from Denmark Cake Shop.

Hong Kong online entertainment platform introduced its new webcast cheap eats show. Loosely translated as "50 bucks with change," the show features Hong Kong's most delicious meals all costing under HK$50.

Hosted by C-Kwan -- one half of Canto hip hop duo FAMA -- and gastronome Chua Lam's disciple Chan Wing-lam, the last episode took us to the Denmark Cake Shop (no. 4 on 40 foods we can't live without) for the deepfried chicken leg and the fish filet burger.

The two items are some of the famous shop's most popular and the bill came to HK$48 for three legs and a burger.

Shot guerilla-style, the crew completed 10 episodes of the show per day of shoot. C-Kwan laments that he will become "a big fat boy" after this gig.

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