Hong Kong's best bun

Hong Kong's best bun

The chewy yet flaky "pineapple bun" is Hong Kong's most delicious icon
Hong Kong's favorite guilty pleasure. Yes, that's butter in the middle.

You know that pineapple buns have made it as an iconic Hong Kong food item when the city’s Financial Secretary John Tsang was quoted as saying, “even a pineapple bun can help the economy,” as he was encouraging Hong Kongers to go out and consume more.

The boh loh baau -- literally meaning "pineapple bun" for the crust's resemblance to the fruit -- is one of Hong Kong’s most ubiquitous buns. The flaky, crusty, sugar and egg yolk coated soft bun is typically spotted in bakeries and cha chaan tengs. The boh loh yaau, a pineapple bun with a thick slice of butter sandwiched in the middle, is a celebrated comfort food.

And how much does this economy-boosting bun cost? $3.5 in most places; $6 max.

Try one fresh out of the oven for afternoon tea at Kam Wah Cafe .

Kam Wah Cafe 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon Tel +852 2392 6830

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