Hong Kong restaurants guide showdown part 2: OpenRice in English

Hong Kong restaurants guide showdown part 2: OpenRice in English

OpenRice, the user-generated Hong Kong restaurants guide, just launched its English version. Another perfect excuse to waste time online looking at food porn and drooling like a fool
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Same, same, but different: OpenRice's English and Chinese versions.
While the choice of Hong Kong restaurants can be overwhelming, the choice of reliable restaurant guides is narrow. Locals' go-to website is OpenRice.com and now it is available in English.

Launched in 1999, the user-generated website has grown its unique audience to 1.6 million visitors each month with a total of 40 million page views this year. The site is made up of diners' detailed reviews and ratings of restaurants -- a wisdom of the crowd type guide.

With the launch of the English version of Openrice, other Hong Kong restaurants guides better watch out, such as WOM guide, and ... um, well WOM is the only similar product really. Unless there's another search engine platform with user-generated Hong Kong restaurant reviews floating around out there we have yet to hit upon? Anybody know?

www.openrice.com/english, www.openrice.com, www.womguide.com

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