The Mooncake Challenge

The Mooncake Challenge

We put the season's most gimmicky, gooey and gratifying mooncakes through a grueling taste test
Taipan's snowy mooncakes taste a bit like Play Doh.

Purists beware! This taste test is not for the traditional-at-heart. We pitted the season's weirdest-sounding,most bell-and-whistled mooncakes against each other for a mid-autumn munch-off.

Taipan's snowy lemon tea mooncake

Price: HK$21.5

Distinguishing feature
They're called "snowy" for their snow-white skin, and because they're served cold. The filling here is flavored with lemon tea.
Tester comments
“It’s like lemon gelato, but not icy. The first few chews are very nice, but then you get to that skin, which is more gelatinous and a little more effort. The skin isn’t nice.”

“If I had these in my house for a party and the guests didn’t finish them, the mooncakes would call my name all night long until I got up to eat them.”

“Ew! Tastes like Play Doh!”

Taipan's foie gras cheese snowy mooncake
Price: HK$25
Distinguishing feature
Foie gras bits are mixed into the cheese filling.
Tester comments
(Mixture of excitement and disgust) “Oh my god. I’m eating them, I’m eating them! It’s sweet!"

“If someone ever made cheese cookie dough, this is what it would taste like."

“I can’t taste the foie gras but it’s a lot better than I thought.”

“It tastes like mashed potatoes wrapped in goo. It’s got kind of a chalky aftertaste. Like eating plain, unflavored dough.”

Agnes b. Bonne Fêtes chocolate mooncake
Price: HK$298 for eight
Distinguishing feature
Star-shaped chocolates with Agnes b.'s signature ‘b.’ print.
Tester comments
“You can’t go wrong with anything chocolate. This isn't traditional, but that's beside the point; these are so cute and taste yum."

“If my girlfriend bought this I’d call her a slave to marketing. Number one, it doesn’t look like a mooncake. Number two, it doesn’t taste anything like a mooncake.”

“This is really delicious chocolate and totally unrelated to mooncakes! You can see the total commercialization of Mid-Autumn Festival. I'd still buy them though.”

COCO's strawberry balsamic mooncake
Price: HK$88 each
Distinguishing feature
Chocolate shell around fruity filling.
Tester comments
“This is totally delicious. It looks like a mooncake from the outside, but the inside is just a really well executed modern dessert. It’s got a great tartness to sweetness to creaminess ratio.”

“I like it. There’s a complexity there. It’s very different. There’s an array of flavours but they end up complimenting one another.”

“This one’s full of surprises. It’s sort of like fruit cake at home where you’re not really sure what’s in it.”

GOD’s bum-shaped mooncakes
Price: HK$65 each
Distinguishing feature Edible bum

Tester comments
“I think it will taste better hot. I like hot mooncakes, I can delude myself that it’s fresh.”

“This is really good! The skin is perfectly thin. Can't show my grandma those bums though.”

“You are what you eat and I'm gonna end up with a big, round ass after eating these.”

“It’s the type of food where a group of friends sit around and put their forks in unthinkingly, but the skinny one won’t go near it.”