The best of late-night dining in Hong Kong

The best of late-night dining in Hong Kong

It’s 3am and I could eat a horse. Luckily, these late-night joints offer spot-hitting food and drink. Bring your own feeding troughs
Hong Hong late night dining
Okonomiyak from Yu-raku: Carb and cholesterol fantasia.

There's something about city life that causes us to regularly endure nights of self-induced excess. In those moments, the only thing that can motivate us to peel ourselves off the pavement outside of California Tower ("I thought this was the taxi line") is the promise of a meal that is large in quantity, hot in temperature, and briny in taste.

Here are a few of our Hong Kong late-night dining oases:

Sun Hing in Kennedy Town

When we're looking for an end to our night, others are just starting theirs. In the wee hours of the morning, restless old folks congregate at Sun Hing Sik Ga, a dim sum restaurant that opens at three in the morning. This is old school Cantonese-style dim sum, fresh from the steamer, accompanied with dark black tea that will burst the bubble of beer we're trapped in right open.

Open from 3am till 11pm

10 Hou Wo Street, Sai Wan, tel +852 2816 0616

hong kong late night dining

Biergarten in Tsim Sha Tsui

In TST, the dirt-cheapest place for a fast food fix is Ka Ka Lok Fast Food's counter (16 Ashley Street) where we join the other slightly sketchy clientele to grab a HK$11 greasy burger or super-sized deep-fried pork cutlet.

But a more satisfying bet is Biergarten, a German-themed restaurant that offers meat and wheat heavy dishes, designed to accompany drinking bouts. The Zurich-style veal (HK$128) has great textured strips of meat smothered in thick, creamy sauce with hints of white wine. This is piled on top of doughy spatzle that soaks up all that cream. Plus we can get our best beers of the night here: dark, malty Kostritzer or the lighter Schneider Weisse wheat beer.

Open until 3am

8 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel +852 2721 2302

Wing Wah in Wan Chai

Retreating (just for awhile) from the neon-lit streets of prowling, um, dancers and their appreciative clients, we head over to Wing Wah Noodle Restaurant for a spot of true Hong Kong late-night dining. The place is a time capsule of 1970s Hong Kong with faded original decor and wrinkled waitresses. The staple of thin chewy noodles with plump prawn-stuffed dumplings is a great Hong Kong flavored full stop to the night.

Open until 4am

89 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, tel +852 2527 7476

Yu-raku in Causeway Bay

Yu-raku’s okonomiyaki is gourmet junk food. Sit drooling at the long counter as the chef fries beaten egg into a thick omelette, flinging in spring onions. Breathe in the smell of frying bacon before it is wrapped around a thick patty made of fried noodles, then watch the omelette wrap around the bacon noodle bundle and try to resist sticking your hand out and grabbing the thing right off the counter.

Open until 4am, closed on Sunday.

468 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, tel +852 2838 0061

hong kong late night dining

Little Chili in North Point

Little Chili offers a range of Sichuanese classics that encourages us to gulp down big bottles of cheap Chinese beer. The laziji -- fried chicken and chili peppers -- comes heaped with bright scarlet whole peppers. If you don't go mad from it, it can be fun rummaging through the oversized peppers for little nuggets of crisp chicken. The shuizhu niurou, beef cooked in spicy broth, has really tender strips of meat in a thick, mouth tingling sauce. This is the best of Hong Kong late-night dining via Sichuan.

Open until 5am

33 North Point Road, North Point, tel +852 2571 9822