Ginza Bairin

Ginza Bairin

Crunchiness and juiciness combined, Ginza Bairin's tonkatsu is irresistable
Shop B124, K11 Mall, 18 Hanoi Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong +852 3122 4128
Open daily, noon-11 p.m.
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There's deep-fried pork with rice and curry they sling out at Japanese diners. Then there's Ginza Bairin's epic tonkatsu.

Tonkatsu is an imported dish that hedonistic Hong Kongers find absolutely irresistible.

The deep-fried pork cutlet is a constant craving for certain foodies, including WOM Guide co-founder Fergus Fung, who weighed in with our panel in favor of the katsu curry rice at Ginza Bairin.

The Japanese Kurobuta pork -- the Wagyu of pork -- is battered in house-made bread crumbs and fried in cottonseed oil until it attains a magically balanced ratio of crunchiness to juiciness. 

Combined with thick Japanese curry and that unmistakably sweet-sour tonkatsu sauce, it's as much an addiction as it is just a dinner.