Bangkok beats Hong Kong as Asia's greatest food city

Bangkok beats Hong Kong as Asia's greatest food city

TripAdvisor users pick the world's top destinations for food and wine -- Hong Kong rates no. 2

TripAdvisor Traveler's ChoiceSurely this baby deserves first place.

Travel website has announced the winners of its "2011 Traveler's Choice Food and Wine Destinations" awards, with Bangkok beating out Hong Kong to claim top prize in the Asia category.

According to TripAdvisor, the awards are based on the "millions of real and unbiased reviews and opinions from travelers around the world."

Sure, our char siu bao may have lost to Bangkok's tom yum gung, but we still rated higher than any other food city in Asia, including Singapore and Seoul.

Conspicuously missing is Hong Kong travelers' favorite food and drink destination -- Taipei. 

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Here are the full lists of Asia, United States and European winners.

2011 Travelers' Choice Food and Wine Asia Destinations

1. Bangkok, Thailand
2. Hong Kong
3. Seminyak, Indonesia
4. Singapore
5. Sapporo, Japan
6. Hoi An, Vietnam
7. Kyoto, Japan
8. Seoul, Korea
9. Osaka, Japan
10. Koh Samui, Thailand

2011 Travelers' Choice Food and Wine U.S. Destinations

1. New Orleans, Louisiana
2. Napa, California
3. Chicago, Illinois
4. Charleston, South Carolina
5. San Francisco, California
6. New York City, New York
7. Savannah, Georgia
8. Santa Fe, New Mexico
9. Las Vegas, Nevada
10. Asheville, North Carolina

2011 Travelers' Choice Food and Wine Europe Destinations

1. Florence, Italy
2. Paris, France
3. Rome, Italy
4. Sorrento, Italy
5. York, England
6. Siena, Italy
7. Bologna, Italy
8. San Sebastian, Spain
9. Barcelona, Spain
10. Edinburgh, Scotland

TripAdvisor says its inaugural Travelers' Choice Food and Wine Destinations award winners were determined based on traveler ratings and TripAdvisor reviews.

For the full list of winners, including cities in South America and India, click here.