6 best Hong Kong wedding cake artists

6 best Hong Kong wedding cake artists

From sculpted spectacles to cupcake towers, these cake artists will make your dream wedding cake come true

Hong Kong wedding cakes are decadent, sometimes whimsical and always delicious. Here are our favorite wedding bakers who craft confectionery marvels with meticulous attention to detail, and a lot of passion.

Complete Deelite by Jacinta Yu

Wedding CakesJacinta 認為做生意如種花般有熱誠和耐性,Complete Deelite的蛋糕就是她如此細心地做出來的。

Jacinta Yu opened her party-wares shop in Lan Kwai Fong seven years ago. She was one of the first to sell party supplies in Hong Kong, importing from the United Kingdom and United States.

"When I was young, I loved hosting parties," says Yu. "I did everything myself and had to visit several different stores to get what I needed for a party. So I decided to open my own store that sells everything related to throwing parties."

Wedding CakesJacinta 為自己婚禮製造的白色結婚蛋糕滿佈三千朵糖花,製作歷時一年,這個大概是迷你。

Her shop, Complete Deelite, is like a mini-mart for party hosts with an emphasis on baking. Here you can order cakes tailored to your needs, take lessons in baking all sorts of cakes as well as buy specialty baking supplies.

"Baking cakes is like learning to write the alphabet, every student writes the same letters but with their own distinct handwriting," says Yu. "Baking is an art."

Yu feels that weddings today are too commercialized. "The couple should create their own unique wedding. There is no such thing as a 'perfect' wedding, only near-perfect."

Yu tries her best to satisfy customers. She offers 10 wedding cake flavors and endless cake topping ideas. "I have to be continuously inspiring. If someone copied my ideas, then I will come up with something completely new tomorrow."

Yu's favorite cake is the one she made for her own wedding in 2010. It was 2.5 meters tall and covered in 3,000 sugar paste flowers.

Complete Deelite, 2/F On Lan Centre, 11-15 On Lan St., Central, +852 3167 7022, www.completedeelite.com

DreaMory by Beatrice Liu and Kimberley Tay

Wedding Cakes志趣相投的 Beatrice Liu(左)和 Kimberley Tay(右)一同到台灣學滿師後,回到香港開蛋糕教室。

Beatrice Liu and Kimberley Tay are some of the city's most low-key cake artists. They do have a Facebook page full of photos of their gorgeous cakes, but there's no contact information. Bit mysterious.

Finally locating them at their Tsim Sha Tsui studio, we found two cheerful but stubborn young craftswomen.

"We don't make cream cakes, cheese cakes or mousse cakes," Liu says. "We don't bake, we decorate."

The friends and business partners attended together a Taiwanese school for cake decorating in 2009. They now run a cake decorating teaching workshop here in Hong Kong. Liu teaches, while Tay creates cakes for clients.

hong kong wedding cakes Complete DeeliteFeathers top this flamboyant cake.

Their table is filled with glue, color powders, pastes and looks more like a cosmetics counter than a cake decorating studio.

Their creations take time and patience to complete, often taking up to a week to prepare. They like to take their time.

"We are not in mass production," says Liu. "And we hope students can learn in a relaxed environment. No matter if they are learning with a career in mind or just for fun, the most important thing is to be relaxed and happy."

The girls insist that a dream wedding cake needs to match the theme of the wedding. If the space is decorated with butterflies, for example, then a wedding cake should also feature a butterfly.

Tay's favorite cake was her own wedding cake made eight years ago in Australia. It was four separate cakes decorated with fresh lilies.

DreaMory. By appointment only, +852 2311 8668. See their website or Facebook page. 

Eva Liu Confectionery Artistry by Eva Liu

Wedding CakesEva Liu cakes look more like sculptures.

The pastry chef finds inspiration everywhere in her life. Whether its the sheen on a piece of porcelain or the geometry of designer furniture or fresh pasta tasted on a tour of Italy, as long as it is made by hand, it will influence Liu's cake designs.

"When you pay attention to your surroundings, you'll discover that there are a lot of fascinating things right beside you, these will inspire you to create," says Liu.

Wedding Cakes靈感來自時裝設計師的 Haute Couture,黑色的糖製花朵、蝴蝶,白色蛋糕圍綴黑色緞帶,有沒有讓你想起 Vera Wang 那條經典的黑白婚紗裙?

"When I was looking for a cake for myself, I realised that there are too few cake decorating masters in Hong Kong," says Liu. "I was a bit disappointed that no one could create a truly unique and artistic cake for me."

For Liu, the wedding cake plays an important role in a wedding. So she took matters into her own hands and started a cake atelier.

Eva Liu Confectionery. By appointment only. White Bridal Couture, 5/F, 22 Wyndham St., Central, +852 2376 4900, www.eva-liu.com.

Gioia by Chi by Roy Chan

Wedding CakesRoy 說,特別訂製的回禮小物令婚禮更臻完美,可以是 cupcake或趣致公仔,內餡的朱古力讓賓客一同分享甜蜜。

Gioia by Chi stands out amongst the crowd of eateries in Kowloon City. Meaning "joy" in Italian, Gioia is pastry chef Roy Chan's way of sharing his passion for sweets. 

The former hotel chef ditched his steady job to open his own shop in April this year. The switch from employee to business owner has been tough, but worth it. 

"You can't be afraid of hard work if you are going to survive in this industry," says Chan. "You have to turn clients' ideas into reality. And you have to be on your feet all day." 

Wedding Cakes看到都已令人心花怒放的蛋糕,你會忍心把它們吃掉嗎?Chan used to be hidden away in the kitchen, but now he has to deal directly with clients. Communication is a big part of his job. 

"Some clients don't know what they want," says Chan. "They will change their mind many times even after they have made their order. We have to give more of our point of view to clients like these."

But Chan assures us he can make any kind of cake and even the most complex ideas won't challenge him. He recommends that couples order their wedding cakes a month in advance.

Gioia by Chi, 35 Nam Kok Road, Kowloon City, +852 2718 6618, www.facebook.com/gioiabychi.

Ms B’s Cakery by Bonnie Gokson

Wedding Cakes城中名媛郭志怡(中間)將潮流界的時尚品味,帶到 Sevva 餐廳和蛋糕甜品之中。

Ms B's Cakery is by socialite Bonnie Gokson who is also the brains behind Central restaurant SEVVA (it has one of the best bars with a view) and Joyce Cafe.

Gokson makes statement cakes covered in ethereal decoration. Her cakery opened in April to coincide with Prince William's wedding day.

Wedding Cakes結婚蛋糕上也可以有蝴蝶飛舞。The cakes at Ms B's are an exercise in perfection. The look, taste and overall feel of each cake exemplifies Gokson's philosophy of living artistically.

Quality ingredients and attention to the needs of clients result in sugar-free and even gluten-free cakes on the menu.

Gokson suggests her butterfly themed cakes for wedding, such as Butterfly Kisses and Madame Butterfly.

Ms B's Cakery, 39 Gough St., Central, +852 2815 8303, www.msbscakery.hk.

Sift by Jennifer Cheung

Wedding CakesJennifer 又在準備一個用 cupcakes 拼成、幾層高的結婚蛋糕。

Jennifer Cheung turned her childhood love of baking into a business. After a year as an investment banker, Cheung quit and enrolled in cooking school in New York.

She returned to Hong Kong to open her first dessert bar in Soho in 2006. Sift was a big hit and in the last half decade, Cheung has expanded her business to include four stores.

French pastries, macaroons and tarts are on offer at Sift, but cupcakes are what they are best known for, selling up to a thousand each day. 

Wedding CakesJennifer 喜歡清雅高貴的 cupcake 創作,例如粉綠與純白的設計主題,一個粉綠玫瑰襯忌廉,另一個是白色雛菊襯粉綠蝴蝶,蛋糕是雲呢拿和椰子味。Cupcake Tower 以綠絲帶圍邊襯托,充滿清新跳躍動感。Cheung is modest about her success.

"I am learning everyday, because each day presents a new problem," says Cheung.

Her cupcake towers are recommended for weddings, each one can be specially tailored for the big day.

Cheung suggests that couples "add whatever makes you happiest into the theme of the wedding." 

Sift, 22/F, Horizon Plaza, unit 17-19, Ap Lei Chau, +852 2870 3887 (closed on Monday), www.siftdesserts.com