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Sense 99: Low-key hangout

Sense 99: Low-key hangout

A friendly crowd mingles and jams in a moody old building
2/F-3/F, 99 Wellington Street, Central +852 94662675
Only open on Friday and Saturday, starting at around 8pm till late
Payment Methods:
sense 99 hong kong

As you wrestle with Sense 99’s rusty door hinges, prepare yourself for the convivial atmosphere that will engulf you as soon as you enter the bar. Everyone seems to know everyone else at Sense 99, but it is by no means exclusive -- they want to know you too.

The hipsters, artists and other merry-makers that frequent Sense 99 love the place for the anything goes attitude of the bar owners and the colonial-era charm of the historic building it is located in. The second floor houses a drum set and other instruments that everyone is free to use, inspiring a fun, impromptu jam session between strangers each weekend.