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Feather Boa: Members-only allure

Feather Boa: Members-only allure

Soho's Feather Boa is Hong Kong's members-only lounge.
38 Staunton Street, Soho, Hong Kong +852 2857 2586
Daily: 9pm-12am
Feather Boa
The infamous Mango Daquiri at Feather Boa.

You've got the clothes and you've got the attitude, so now all you need is a Feather Boa -- or at least you need to go to Feather Boa, Hong Kong's exclusive and somewhat hidden members-only bar in Soho.

With a plain-Jane exterior, you wouldn't know the interior of this former antique shop has a sort of fin-de-sicle ambiance with gold brocade and odalisques on the walls. The bar draws socialites, dilettantes and, oddly, a surprising number of airline captains -- go figure -- all sucking down Feather Boa's house specialties like Chocolate Martinis and Strawberry Daiquiris for HK$80- HK$150.