Dragon-i: Fame, fortune, and fabulous

Dragon-i: Fame, fortune, and fabulous

Dragon-i is Hong Kong's most high-profile club, attracting Hollywood fame, big fashion names and a lot of beautiful people
UG/F The Centrium, 60 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong +852 3110 1222
Happy Hour: 5pm-8pm, Club Hours 11:30pm- late
Payment Methods:
American Express
If you can get past the brick wall of bouncers, this is what Dragon-i looks like inside.

Considering heading to dragon-i? Are you world famous or fabulously wealthy? Perhaps you are six feet tall with perfectly symmetrical facial features? If not, may we suggest you take your dejected self on down the street to a basement bar instead.

Dragon-i is Hong Kong's most righteously exclusive club, graced by every celeb who passes through town -- NBA and soccer superstars, Hollywood glitterati, fashion designers, that sort. Dime-a-dozen models also scamper about and become a special draw each week on the infamous Wednesday Model's Nights, much to the patrons' pleasure.

The décor is modern and sexy with lush velvet banquettes and a long, neon-illuminated bar. There's also ample space to dance, hanging birdcages with live birds and Chinese wooden screens to add a dash of Chinoiserie.

Mere mortals who can’t get past d.i.'s velvet ropes can hit the venue during lunchtime, where they serve all-you-can-eat dim sum for HK$148; or lounge in the outdoor area which the government has deemed public space.