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Club 71: Best dive

Club 71: Best dive

The people maketh the bar at Club 71
67 Hollywood Rd, Soho, Central, Hong Kong +852 2858 7071
週一至日: 5pm 至夜深
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Club 71 Hong Kong

Club 71 is tucked away in a sliver of an alley and guarded by a small army of stray cats. The unassuming little bar is a veritable institution in Hong Kong.

Like most memorable establishments, it is the people that make this no-frills bar uniquely charming. On any day of the week, prominent political activists, artists, writers, and the neighborhood’s elderly gather at the al fresco tables to unwind over a pint in the emerging dusk.

Grab yourself one of Club 71's wobbly plastic chairs amongst them and you will find it hard to resist striking up a conversation.