b.a.r. EXECUTIVE: Whisky, tapped

b.a.r. EXECUTIVE: Whisky, tapped

An exclusive club and bar for whisky aficionados in Hong Kong.
27/F, Bartlock Centre, 3 Yiu Wa St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong +852 2893 2080
Monday - Thursday: 5:30pm-2am, Friday - Saturday: 5:30pm-5am, closed Sunday
b.a.r. EXECUTIVE BAR is appointment only, and is known for its assortment of whisky.

Chill out at b.a.r. EXECUTIVE if you and your whisky don't want to be bothered. True, b.a. r. EXECUTIVE takes itself more seriously than most bars, and you'll be turned away if you just show up -- it’s appointment only -- but once you've proven your 'I love whisky' worth, the masculine atmosphere keeps its promise of an intimate and exclusive setting.

And, if you love your whisky as much as your first pet, it's worth the visit because b.a. r. EXECUTIVE has several dozen whisky varieties from Scotland, Ireland, America and Japan. The proprietor lays claim to having invented the spherical ice ‘cubes’ in whiskies on the rocks, which b.a.r. EXECUTIVE bartenders said keep the taste from the bottle and the temperature cold without watering it down.


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