Chrissie Chau kicked out of the Hong Kong Book Fair

Chrissie Chau kicked out of the Hong Kong Book Fair

The morality police have deemed lang mo book signings unsuitable for the Hong Kong Book Fair despite drawing massive crowds
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Chrissie Chau fans hoping for a sausage PR stunt at the book fair this year will surely be disappointed.

The Hong Kong Book Fair has decided to ban publicity activities which they deem indecent and crass, in particular, lang mo book signings.

Last year, lang mo photo albums at the Hong Kong Book Fair were the talk of the town, drawing crazy huge crowds whenever the leng mo had a book signing. Chrissie Chau was one of the big winners, especially with her ice cream stunt. This year though, a panel of judges made up of headmasters of boys' schools in Hong Kong and media, get to judge which authors are allowed to have book signings.

Chrissie Chau and other pseudo models have been banned from organizing book signings because the judges "do not want the Hong Kong Book Fair to be kidnapped by the adult industry." We didn't realise lang mo are part of the adult industry.

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Hong Kong Book Fair

July 21-27, 2010

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

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