Carl Ng to play Brother Sharp in world's first internet meme-inspired movie

Carl Ng to play Brother Sharp in world's first internet meme-inspired movie

China's most famous homeless man, Brother Sharp to hit the big screen in the form of hunky Hong Kong actor Carl Ng
brother sharp
Is Carl Ng (left) a Brother Sharp look-alike?

Brother Sharp, that homeless-man-turned-internet-meme-turned-minor-celebrity, is about to become a celluloid icon with the making of a movie based on his life.

Mainland billionaire Yang Meimei announced that she plans to invest RMB 70 million in a movie about the extraordinary life of "Brother Sharp," a homeless man who became an internet sensation when a snapshot of him walking down the street was passed around as an example of homeless-chic style.

Chen Guorong, Brother Sharp's real name, has since been reunited with his family -- under intense media coverage -- and does the occasional catwalk show as a guest model.

Chen is a living testament to the miracles that can happen when the powerful trinity of internet meme, human flesh search engine and the appetite for reality shows come together.

Hong Kong model-actor Carl Ng is rumored to be one of the possible actors to play Brother Sharp in the movie about the real life of the human internet meme.

Apparently Ng and Sharp look somewhat alike.

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