Hong Kong most popular destination for Asian travelers

Hong Kong most popular destination for Asian travelers

A new study asks where travelers in Asia love to go, and finds people are going to spend more this year
Hong Kong, the world's latest most expensive retail location.

Hong Kong is sweeping up the superlatives.

Having already trumped New York as the world’s most expensive retail location, a new report says Hong Kong was also the most popular travel destination overall among Asian tourists in 2011.

According to a study of 1,034 Asian consumers by brand research company Cimigo, 31 percent of survey recipients said they visited Hong Kong last year, while 40 percent named the city their preferred shopping destination.

“Asian consumers tend to stay closer to home when it comes to shopping and want to visit places where they trust the quality of the products, like Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, or where they believe they will get a good deal, like Dubai for Indians," said Daisy Sam, the general manager of Cimigo China.

Asian consumers will continue their big spending -- 61 percent indicated that they plan to increase their travel budgets and spending in the upcoming year.

Shopping must be stressful for these travelers, however. 

For sightseeing and relaxation, survey recipients picked Australia and New Zealand as their top destinations. 

The survey also looked at where Asian travelers get their information.

Some 85 percent said they looked to online travel sites for destination ideas, while 62 percent of respondents said they look at official tourism board websites. 

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