10 cool business traveler gadgets

10 cool business traveler gadgets

Part practical, part frivolous, these gadgets should find a way into your carry-on baggage

Business travelers don't travel for pleasure, they travel to make money. And whether it's a quick one-day trip or an extended stay of a few days or a week, for those that fly it is essential to pack light and keep things practical. But that doesn't mean a business traveler can't scoot around the globe without cool gadgets. Even better are cool gadgets that are relatively functional. 

Below we've put together a list of cool gadgets (in no particular order) that business travelers the world over should earmark for upcoming journeys.

MiLi iPhone ProjectorMiLi iPhone Projector.1. MiLi iPhone Projector

Think Geek lists the MiLi iPhone Projector as a "movie theater in your pocket." It's an unfold-able, flip open pico projector that is designed for the iPhone and also connects to a laptop via VGA or any other composite video source and projects up to 70 inches wide. Why exactly is this cool? Much hoopla has been made about the iPhone, and the idea of having a mini projector to take on the go for meetings and presentations sounds like a winner, so the combining of both seems like a no brainer. This is basically a pocketbook iPhone movie theater. Price: US$349.99





Blackberry Torch 9800Blackberry Torch 9800.2. BlackBerry Torch 9800

We know, we know... we just mentioned an iPhone accessory and now we're listing a Blackberry. While it's true that the soon to be released BlackBerry Torch probably won't have a pico projector designed for it, we're pretty certain it will be a hot commodity among the business crowd once it launches. The iPhone is great, everybody loves Apple, they have the most apps, love, and fanatical praise. But BlackBerrys are the corporate workhorses with killer qwerty functionality. To quote an American stand-up comedian, these smartphones "Get 'er done." Plus, the new Torch is just plain sexy and there's always room for a smartphone on any gadget list. Price: US$199 (Available August 12, 2010 in United States)




Credit Card Light-bulbCredit Card Light-bulb.3. Credit Card Light-bulb

Not high tech by any means, but the Credit Card Light-bulb is good for those that have ditched the Platinum or company credit card and miss the weighty feel of their wallet. Also good for warding off darkness. Price: US$4.99






Powermonkey-eXplorer solar rechargerPowermonkey-eXplorer solar recharger.4. Powermonkey-eXplorer solar recharger

For the gadgetly inclined, keeping everything charged and running on the road is often a challenge. Ever gone on a week-long trip only to forget your phone charger and have to buy a new one? No need to be embarrassed, it happens. So why not keep a dedicated charger packed up? Something like the Powermonkey, which is a solar recharger and therefor doesn't require plugging into any walls. But it does require sunlight, so those traveling to London might want to consider another option. Price: US$86 (EU65)





8GB Digital spy pen8GB Digital spy pen.5. 8GB Digital spy pen

We're not saying you should spy on people, but a digital pen with camera and recording capability can be a discrete way to record meetings for later note taking. Pulling out a recorder can often put people off during interviews and meetings, whereas a pen is easily forgotten about during the course of a conversation. This particular device is also good for writing, unlike some 'pens'. Price: US$56.97





Micro Sport Japanese MP3 PlayerMicro Sport Japanese MP3 Player.6. Micro Sport Japanese MP3 Player

Smaller than an Apple Nano and touting 4GB of memory, this particular Micro MP3 player is barely larger than your typical ear-bud. For those that don't want to clutter up their smartphones with gigs of songs, yet still want something simple and easy to take around, this little guy fits the bill. Price: US$79.99






Business card snap-together toyBusiness card snap-together toy.7. Creative Juice's business card snap-together toy

Some people get excited about smartphones, others get worked up over business cards like Creative Juice's card design for Tamiya. Know who else gets excited about biz cards? Christian Bale's American Psycho character. In one scene he says, "Look at that subtle off white coloring, that tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a watermark." While the business card snap-together toy might not elicit such responses from fellow colleagues, it will provide the owner with a bit of entertainment as they travel. The card can be taken apart and constructed like Lego. Price: Varies





King Jim Pitrec DNH10King Jim Pitrec DNH10.8. King Jim Pitrec DNH10

Another entry in the cool business card gadget category is the King Jim Pitrec DNH10 (Japanese) digital business card holder, which does exactly what it's name suggest, it digitizes business cards. As a CNET Crave post smartly says, "If you've ever spent more than a few days in Japan on business, you'll have gone through more business cards than wooden sushi chopsticks." As cool as this little gadget is, we doubt it will work with the snap-together business card seen above. Price: US$319 (¥27,300)





GRID-IT OrganizerGRID-IT Organizer.9. GRID-IT Organizer

There are only so many pockets in a suit, in carry-on luggage, or in a laptop case. With a rubberized woven elastic object retention system for gadget organization and multiple configurations, the Cocoon's GRID-IT Organizer is one way the gadget-loving biz traveler is able to cart around all of his or her goodies. Price: US$24.99






Elecom Power-strip USB hubElecom Power-strip USB hub.10. Elecom Power-strip USB hub

For those business travelers who've found a way to cram all of their gadgets and devices on their person, or who've bought the GRID-IT organzier, something like the Elecom power-strip USB hub could come in handy on flights when multiple gadgets require plugging in. Price: US$29.45 (¥2,520)







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