Augmented reality Layar apps hit the market

Augmented reality Layar apps hit the market

Layar's augmented reality app released for Google's Android -- as of today it's available for download on the iPhone (yes, they work here)
Layar augmented reality apps
Layar me this, Layar me that. Layar the entire world in 10 years?

Layar augmented reality apps, as summed up by Wired's Gadget Lab writer Roselyn Roark, "Imagine if you could browse the web through your eye vision: A review of a restaurant when you stare at its sign, or the times that a bus will arrive while standing at a stop."

I'm imagining, and I'm liking.

The recently released Google Android augmented reality Layar app, with the iPhone's AR Layar version, is available for download from the iPhone App Store today.

iPhone users should be stoked about the Layar AR app release. Top tech blogs such as Gizmodo have gushed, "Layar, the first camera-based AR app to really blow us (or anyone) away, has quietly slipped into the App Store."

Still liking. For those of you lucky Android or iPhone users, both AR Layar apps are currently free, as they are still considered in the experimental stage. Here's a list of where different Layars are available.

The AR Layar apps aren't the only ones out there. As reported by Mashable, Urbanspoon recently released an AR app feature for the iPhone. 

So much augmented reality, so little time.

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