10 hot looks for men this winter

10 hot looks for men this winter

Sebastiano Serafini styles and models the hottest male fashions for cold weather

When Old Man Winter strikes, it’s tempting to give up on style and just bundle up. Shame.

Nippy weather brings out the best in alternative menswear, such as this season’s handmade punk scarves and velour-accented jackets.

Sebastiano Serafini is a model-actor-singer working mainly in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In this exclusive shoot, he styled and wore 10 trendy winter outfits.

The variety of prices and styles proves there’s more than one way to conquer the elements.

Stylist and model: Sebastiano Serafini
Assistant: Ryota Konagai
Hair and makeup: Takashi Ashizawa, Asami Miyashita, Himi Ueda, Tomomasa Mizuno
Photography: Daniel Perez, Gohiko Uemura
Editing: Daniel Perez, Sebastien Mayer


Not all winter suits scream “salaryman.” IBI’s jacket has a subtle zebra print, with velour at the neck and sides. The white button-down shirt is dressed up with a sharp collar and trailing hem. Rock star, yet classy.

Price: Shirt: 14,700 yen. Jacket: 23,100 yen.
Get the look: IBI is sold in various locations in Japan. Items are available internationally via the web store.


2. Yuru Chara Mint Neko

Mint, a J-rock bassist, created a mischievous cat mascot for his casual collection. The skullcap, kitty-eared scarf and velour gloves shield from the cold, while the double-drop waist pants keep the look fun.

Price: Cat top: 8400 yen. Pants: 17,850 yen. Gloves: 4725 yen. Scarf: 7350 yen. Hat: 4410 yen.
Get the look: From h.NAOTO stores and online.


3. Sixh.

There’s no better time of year than winter to dress like a vampire. Designer Hirooka Naoto explains, “This coordinate is a combination of Visual Mode and Gothic.” Sixh.’s luxurious swallowtail vest and coffin charm necklace convey dark elegance.

Price: Long vest: 16,000 yen. Necklace: 4200 yen. Jacket: 23,100 yen.
Get the look: Sixh. has multiple boutiques in Japan and a web shop.


4. Stand Up!! The Fragile and RJ 1959

Stand Up!! The Fragile elevates the everyday sweatshirt with a skull goblet print, studs and embroidery. The RJ 1959 necklaces -- gold skulls, onyx stones and Swarovski crystals -- stand out on a grey day.

Sebastiano Serafini also models a scarf knit by a fan of his TV drama ("Nihonjin no shiranai nihongo").

Price: Sweatshirt: 9240 yen. 8mm necklace: 102,000 yen. 4mm necklace: 81,600 yen. Skull necklace: 56,100 yen. Scarf: handmade gift.
Get the look: Items can be purchased from the Stand Up!! website. RJ 1959 is sold at Waingman Wassa, 1-23-5 1F Meguroku Aobadai, Nakameguro, Tokyo, tel: + 03-5773-5586


5. True Religion

Serafini recommends True Religion jeans for cold weather because “the quality is strong. You will never wear out the denim,” he says. He puts cashmere under a leather jacket and fleece under denim, to show two grades of low-key comfort.

Price: Zach jeans: 27,300 yen. Jimmy hoodie jacket: 35,700 yen. Leather jacket: 92,400 yen. Cashmere zip hoodie: 48,300 yen.
Get the look: True Religion is sold globally in shops and online.


6. G-Star RAW

Serafini, a model for G-Star, says, “This brand suits younger men since the designs are trendy but affordable. The latest jeans have a unique silhouette: bigger at the knee, smaller at the waist and cuffs. The jacket is light but waterproof, for stylish protection from the rain.”

Price: Tan checkered shirt: 5800 yen. Jacket: 38,000 yen. Jeans: 19,950 ye
n. Red shirt: 5800 yen. Leather jacket: 21,000 yen.
Get the look: G-Star has multiple locations in Asia and worldwide. Garments can also be purchased through the official website.


7. Blxxkk and Avan Trance

Blxxkk is a select boutique for couture labels like Avan Trance. “Every detail is perfectly conceptualized and executed, such as the coat’s shoulder points and the skinny pant cut to create height,” says Serafini. “Or the juxtaposition between the delicate silk shirt and metal chips.”

Price: Raincoat: 123,900 yen. Pants: 52,500 yen. Shirt: 44,100 yen. Chain jacket: 86,160 yen.
Get the look: Blxxkk, A.O Building B1F, 3-20-5 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo, tel: 03-3796-6682


8. Toni & Guy and The Viridi-anne

Here’s a look straight off the Toni & Guy runway, with hairstyling by Tomomasa Mizuno. The long coat is by The Viridi-anne, a high-end men’s brand that reworks sophisticated styles with cutting-edge materials.

Price: Coat: 40,000 yen.
Get the look: The Viridi-anne is sold in exclusive stores, such as Lane Crawford in Hong Kong.


9. Blablahospital

Ako, “head nurse” of Blablahospital, calls her winter collection “Boroboro,” meaning ragged or worn. “For the scarf, I stitched light fabrics into layers to resemble pages from discarded notebooks,” she explains. “The holes look like bites from a vampire or strange beast. I want someone who sees the design to shriek, ‘What happened to you?’”

Price: Scarf: 4200 yen. Top: 16,800 yen
Get the look: Available at Kera Shop in Tokyo and Osaka, and internationally from the Blablahospital web shop.


10. Ku-Fu

Budding designer Fumiko of Ku-Fu reconstructs clothes from vintage kimonos. Serafini says, “I’m fascinated by the fusion. This looks like a warm Western jacket, but when I open it, surprise -- it’s lined with colorful kimono fabric.”

Price: Varies by custom order.
Get the look: Ku-Fu is sold online and at 2-13-11, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

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