10 romantic getaways for every type of traveler

10 romantic getaways for every type of traveler

Depending on your taste, where to celebrate love, chocolate and adventure on the most romantic day of the year

Traveling with your beloved on the most romantic holiday of the year: an adventurous way to celebrate love, or a crucial (and necessary) step to realizing that he or she is not The One?;

Whatever your reasons, there are romantic getaways designed for just about every type of traveler and we've pulled out 10 of them;on the off chance you're able to take a vacation this Valentine's Day.;

1. Foodies: Gourmet walk, Los Angeles, United States

chocolate tour Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, samples some chocolate with her valentine in California.

For those who love to eat more than they love to love, a food tour is the best bet -- and what better place than California?

Six Taste Food Tours;provides walks through Los Angeles (a rare occurrence in itself) and the chance to taste test the city's diverse cuisine.;

The company offers seven pre-planned tours, including a Hollywood Food Tour and Thai Town Food Tour, using guides who not only know food, but also know the culture and history behind the selected location.;

Six Taste can also build private tours for two to 200 people (although the larger is probably the less romantic option). And for February only, there's an "Indulgence" Valentine's Food Tour, a limited edition tour that goes through the posh Beverly Hills neighborhood giving tastes of truffle popcorn to the kitchen of Thomas Keller's Bouchon.;

Six Taste Food Tours; +1;888 313 0936;;www.sixtaste.com


2. Singles: Pub crawl, Prague, Czech Republic

Czech Beer TastingSoon you'll be taking the "crawl" part literally.

Our recommendation for a group of single friends looking for a great time in a beautiful neighborhood? The;Prague Pub Crawl.

The company hosts a Czech Beer Tasting experience, as well as a;Beer Master's Brewery Tour.

On the Beer Tasting experience guests can get a chance to taste seven beers, both major and micro brewed, many that are unique to Prague, and learn the six steps of properly assessing beer (no chugging here).

But if you're willing to go a little bit crazier, try the Brewery Tour, which takes guests to three microbreweries and offers 10 varieties of Czech beer. Plus, the tour means guests get to travel by tram though Prague's beautiful New Town. Everything is a little bit sexier on a buzz.

Pub Crawl Bar:;Dlouha 24, Praha 1, 110 00;Prague, Czech Republic;;+420 731 067 775;;www.beertasting.cz


3. New parents: Round Hill Hotel, Jamaica

Round Hill Hotel and Villas Kids, your mom and dad need some alone time.

What better way to deal with the kids, than to give them their own vacation?

Jamaica's Round Hill Hotel has been around since the 1950s and was originally meant to be a private getaway for celebrities like Frank Sinatra and JFK. So while the hotel is plush, the atmosphere is homey -- and more than open enough for kids to tear through without judgment.;

Each private villa comes with an expert in-house team, with housekeepers, butlers and chefs who maintain the villas, clean up after the kids and cook breakfast.;

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The hotel also offers a complimentary Pineapple Kids’ Club and 7-Up Club.;Round Hill offers a team of nannies, many of whom have been employed for years, who keep the kids occupied with activities such as tie-dyeing T-shirts, driving around the resort in a golf cart or swimming in the calm beach or kiddie pool.

While the kids are having a blast, parents can get their romance on without a worry.;

Round Hill Hotel & Villas:;John Pringle Drive, Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies; +1 800;972 2159;;www.roundhill.com


4. Outdoor lovers: Biking around Denmark;

denmark Warning: Do not attempt this without helmets.

With more than 10,000 kilometers of marked bicycle routes and mostly flat terrain, Denmark is best explored on two wheels.;

Bike along the 7,314 kilometers of coastline and rest up at one of the many nature camp sites (some are free, some not) or just fly into Aarhus, which has a bus service to take passengers to the railway station.

From there, bike rentals are easy to find, and the Open Air Museum is a short ride away. It has 0.34 square kilometers of land to ride around and shows Denmark as it was in the 1600s to the 1900s -- though much of the focus is on the 1800s, the time of Hans Christian Andersen.;

Picnics are also allowed (so get a bike with a basket). Aarhus also offers a cycle route that takes bikers through the city centre, the City Hall and ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, an art museum that's topped with a rainbow-colored skywalk.

From Aarhus, bikers with stamina can ride to Copenhagen while their jelly-legged friends catch the train.;

Once in Copenhagen, bike by The Little Mermaid statue in Langelinie and then go south, to see the Gefion Fountain in the Nordre Toldbod area and make a wish.

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen's most famous amusement park with the world's tallest carousel, The Star Flyer, the Pantomime Theatre and several outdoor scenes with live music, as well as fireworks displays at night also count among Copenhagen's offerings.;

Open Air Museum:;Kongevejen 100, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark;;natmus.dk


5. Cash-strapped: Natural History Museum, London, England

Natural History MuseumNatural History Museum's "Sexual Nature" exhibition last year in London.

Those looking for a special but not too expensive way to be turned on should check out the;Valentines Night Safari at the Natural History Museum in London.

For £25-£28 (US$40-45), visitors can check out the museum in the dark and talk with scientists about the birds and the bees -- and opt to go on the "Turn me On" tour or the "Turn me Off" tour. Though the former sounds more appropriate. Or inappropriate.

The "Turn me on" tour displays specimens relating to love in the natural world, while the "Turn me off" tour explores the "scariest, grossest and most dangerous creatures" in the museum's collections.;;

Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, United Kingdom SW75BD; +44 20 7942 5000;;www.nhm.ac.uk

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6. Older couples: Spaland, Busan, Korea;

jjimjilbang"It's getting hot in here ..."

Just because you're a little up there in age doesn't mean things have to stop being steamy. Literally.

One of the most common date spots in South Korea is also most frequented by the elderly -- jjimjjlbangs, or Korean-style saunas,;featuring a huge range of of options.;

Head to the natural hot springs with sodium chloride or sodium bicarbonate -- the former benefits the joints and muscles -- or any one of the many rooms meant to keep guests occupied and pampered (charcoal room, wave dream room, Bali room).;

One of the most popular is the Finnish sauna, while there;are also massage and therapy rooms, cafes, restaurants and DVD rooms -- making it easy to pass the maximum four hours without getting bored.;

Spaland, Shinsegae Department Store, Busan, Haeundae Gu, Woo 1-dong Centum City (부산광역시 해운대구 우1동 센텀시티)


7. Privacy lovers: Rainforest Retreat, Australia;

rainforest valentines day "You wild thing, you."

If you want to feel like you and yours are the only people in the world, skip the crowded restaurants and head to an ultra-private retreat.;

Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat;offers six types of accommodations in the Australian rainforest, including creek-side spa cabins, rainforest canopy bungalows and glass terrace bungalows.

While the latter may seem to be anything but private -- the bungalows are almost completely encased in glass -- there's no one outside looking in. All 10 floor-heated bungalows are spaced far enough apart so guests are guaranteed to have their space unintruded upon.;

The newer cabins even have their own outdoor spas, but all bungalows have access to the private creek, hiking trails and private plunge pools.;

Crystal Creek even offers romantic surprise packages --;although it's probably best if you go with a "surprise" not listed on the website.

Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat:;201 Brookers Road;;Murwillumbah NSW 2484, Australia; +61 2 6679 1591;;www.ccrr.com.au


8. Children at heart: Discovery Cove, Florida, United States

discovery cove If petting sting rays is your type of romantic activity.

So for those who are kids at heart, head to the amusement park and relive those childhood days when love could be expressed through a candy heart.

The;Discovery Cove;in Orlando, Florida keeps the crowds thin with a limited admission (1,000 guests at a time) and no lines. Guests can frolic with dolphins, swim with tropical fish and snorkel near the park's very own coral reef.;

For those who used to dream of living under the sea, the Grand Reef attraction offers a "SeaVenture" activity, where participants can interact with various sea creatures, including rays and starfish.;

Private cabanas are available to rent.

Added bonus? Guests get tickets to SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica or Busch Gardens Tampa Bay with admission.;

Discovery Cove:;6000 Discovery Cove Way, Orlando, Florida 32821; +1;877 434 7268;;www.discoverycove.com


9. Literary lovers:;Paris, France

Café de FloreLiterally, the most romantic place in Paris.

For a novel take on romantic Paris, take a spin through Paris' literary hotspots.;

The current Shakespeare and Company isn't the same bookstore that was owned by Sylvia Beach and frequented by Hemingway, but is now a bookstore/library that is a tribute to Sylvia Beach and opens its doors to struggling writers who can sleep there.;

An eternal resting place for some of the world's most beloved authors, Pere Lachaise is the largest cemetery in Paris and is a great place to meander, even if you never find the graves of Balzac, Proust and Oscar Wilde.;

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For a slightly less morbid date spot, there's the Café de Flore, in the 6th arrondissement, which even has its own literary prize (Prix de Flore), or its rival, Les Deux Magots, in the Saint Germain-des-Prés, which also has a literary prize (Deux Magots).

Paris at night can be enjoyed at La Closerie de Lilas, Hemingway's preferred bar/cafe of choice, and the place where he wrote “The Sun Also Rises” or Harry's New York Bar, the birthplace of the Bloody Mary and the hot spot in the early 1900s for international visitors, including Sinclair Lewis.;

Café de Flore,;172 Boulevard Saint-Germain 75006 Paris, France

La Closerie de Lilas,;171 Boulevard du Montparnasse 75006 Paris, France;


10. Movie buffs: Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

arezzo italyWhere to eat, play, love.

Many a film has been shot in Italy, from the obvious (“Roman Holiday”) to the less so (“Star Wars Episode 1” and “II”).

While “Roman Holiday” offers the most touristy options (the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain), there's always the option of renting a Mini and driving to the Lingotto, a shopping/conference complex in Turin ("The Italian Job"), which features a track on its roof.;

Arezzo, a town in Tuscany, makes it easy to find movie hot spots, as the town clearly marks filming locations for "Life is Beautiful" via placards and signposts.

The Piazza Grande is the city's most famous medieval square, and can be found behind the church of Santa maria della Pieve. It's currently the site of the Joust of the Saracen, a medieval knights tournament that occurs in June and September.;

Just a few miles south of Arezzo is Cortona, the setting for much of "Under the Tuscan Sun," which means expanses of countryside and Tuscan gardens.;

When a town is this pretty, there’s not much more work to do to make the sparks fly.

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