Skateboarding with Buddhists: Short film in Myanmar

Skateboarding with Buddhists: Short film in Myanmar

Three skateboarders take a video camera into Myanmar and come out with a cool little film that mixes skateboard stunts, travelogue and social observation

Say Myanmar and most people will think of its military junta, the plight of Aung San Suu Kyi and the problems of a country led by an oppressive regime. 

But three young skateboarding filmmakers from the United Kingdom headed out there in 2009 to film "Burma behind the headlines."

Their film, called "Altered Focus: Burma" and made public two weeks ago, sees them discover a functional, if somewhat run-down skate park -- "Burma's version of Romford skatepark in England" -- where they hook up with some local skaters to swap tricks; head to a local school to give impromptu English lessons; and hear jokes from the Mustache Brothers, who have to perform from their home, as they are under house arrest. 

"We witnessed a different side to the Burma that you see in the news -- one with a wonderful country and truly friendly people," says Alex Pasquini in the film. "We'd also seen however a nation held back from progress by a ruling power that shows little care or commitment to its people."

It's a great little film -- about 20 minutes long -- that mixes skate tricks, holiday footage and social observation. Watch it above.