CNN Video: Surfing Indonesia with Rob Machado in 'The Drifter'

CNN Video: Surfing Indonesia with Rob Machado in 'The Drifter'

The pro surfer goes to Indonesia to get away from the 'circus act' that he calls the pro surfing circuit

Sometimes people just want to get away from it all. Even people whose averge day is a getaway. In the video, CNN's Naamua Delaney interviews Rob Machado about his new documentary 'The Drifter.'

Pro surf hall-of-famer Rob Machado needed a break from the "rigors" of the pro surfing circuit. So, he ditched competitive carving for a while and took off to Indonesia with a skeleton crew to film a documentary called 'The Drifter.'

We're guessing one can expect lots of shots of Rob surfing, sitting on the beach looking pensive, writing in his journal, and gazing up at the sky.

Too bad he isn't still there. He could have instructed the 19.2 pound man-baby recently born in Jakarta.


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