Appy Traveler: Best new apps for travelers

Appy Traveler: Best new apps for travelers

Uber for private jets, calculator to beat jet lag and an intelligent packing device -- here are the latest must-haves for your smart phones

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Updated July 30, 2014



JetSmarterUber for private jets.iOS: App Store

If you’re in the market for a private flight somewhere, you can now do so using JetSmarter, the Uber of the private jet world.

App users search for various carriers, request flights based on their own schedule and pay for the flight using the app. Pick-ups and drop-offs happen in private airports in or near the requested location.

Fancy a trip from Tokyo to Comoros, the archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean? That’s $351,200 to fly on a 14-seater Falcon 900.

A shorter domestic flight from San Diego to Las Vegas on a four-passenger jet costs $3,800.

JetSmarter also offers an “empty legs” feature, in which users can share the empty seats and expense with other users.

A shared 45-minute flight from Houston to Arlington among eight fliers will cost $365 per head.

PackPoint packing list builder

PackPoint packing list builderCalculate how many pair of socks you'll need.iOS: App Store 

Android: Google Play 

We hear you. "Another packing checklist? Really?"

The PackPoint packing list builder isn’t just another checklist app -- it generates a customized list of items you should pack. Especially useful for longer trips.

Travelers enter some basic information: destination, date, length of their stay and purpose of the trip.

Then users can specify their agenda -- from “fancy dinner” to “international” to “baby” -- and the app calculates what should go in the suitcase.

Weather information is taken into consideration and shown on top of the list.


EntrainA mathematical way to beat jet lag.iOS: App Store

Entrain is like an advanced alarm/calculator, for jet-lagged travelers.

Developed by researchers from the University of Michigan, the app requires users to input their sleeping habit data -- wake up time, bedtime, time zone and typical amount of light exposure received at home.

Then, travelers can schedule a trip.

A lighting schedule will be provided – sometimes the app will recommend complete darkness during the day or some hours of bright light -- from a lamp -- at night. Travelers following the schedule should overcome jet lag faster.


Updated May 17, 2014



UberThe "appy" way to hail a cab.iOS: App Store

Android: Google Play

Uber hit 100 cities with the launch of Beijing last month, and what many call the fastest growing company in the world is adding more cities fast.

When you open the app in any of the 100-plus Uber cities and order a car, the app will estimate the arrival time and send a text saying your driver is on the way.

A small photo with the driver's name and phone number pops up on the app, while a car icon on the map shows you in real time where the car is located. Cash isn't an issue -- Uber bills your credit card at the end of the ride.

Both users and drivers can rate each other at the end of the ride using the app for other users to view.

Travelers from the Unites States should be aware, however, that Uber in Asia is a completely different beast from the Uber they may have been using back home.

Rather than a cheap taxi app with prices similar to local cabs, in Asia Uber provides a luxury experience, with much higher prices and limo chauffeurs.

SleepSounds HQ

SleepSounds HQThe soothing sounds of traffic await.iOS: App Store

If years of urban living have habituated you to the nocturnal sounds of traffic honks and bakery delivery vans, this app could help you sleep in the terrifying silence of the countryside.

SleepSounds HQ has more than 500 natural and city sounds for travelers who need more than a bed to get to sleep.

The sounds fall into 19 categories including ocean, cricket & insects, fire, public places and household.

Soothing tracks like white noise and pink noise are reportedly good for traveling babies.

Others include tranquil sounds like a Himalayan stream and deep forest showers to unusual acoustics like singing around a bonfire in Denmark or a tumbling clothes dryer.


HerdtrackerCatching a great animal migration the easy way.Online

“Morning from Ewanjan Lemala Camp in the central Serengeti, we have not started our morning game drive yet because the migration is right here, I drove through the herds yesterday afternoon and they are all over the Seronera, Makoma, Moru kopjes areas and even as far north as Mbuzi Mawa.”

That’s an update from Mashine, a safari guide in East Africa, that he sent to the Herdtracker app.

The new web app by Discover Africa, a safari tour company, provides real time map updates, potting the locations of wildlife migrations according to the pilots, safari guides and other national parks’ staff around the Serengeti and Masai Mara in Kenya and Tazania.

There are also a migration map with monthly predictions, including tips for where to stay each month in these areas.


Updated March 17, 2014


Google Maps

Google MapsNewer and better.iOS: App Store

Android: Google Play

Windows Phone: Store

The recently launched new Google Maps app offers faster and more navigation options such as a transit route with less walking and provides live traffic or accident information en route.

Travelers can also save places on their maps and look for and share recommendations — shopping and eating venues for instance — nearby.

Some indoor maps for larger buildings like shopping malls and museums are available as well.


WorldmateYou name it, Worldmate has it.iOS: App Store

Android: Google Play

Blackberry: Blackberry World

Windows Phone: Store

Targeting business travelers, Worldmate combines all your travel booking info — flights, hotels and cars — to build a business travel itinerary as well as a schedule for business meetings.

The app also has most things a traveler night need on their smart phone — world clocks, maps, hotel booking functions and weather forecasts, to business utilities such as an Outlook add-in and integration with your LinkedIn account.

Information can be shared among colleagues.


QuintessentiallyA small taste of the concierge service.iOS: App Store

Android: Google Play

The members-only concierge service is opening its door to all through its latest app. Users can purchase latest event tickets and lavish Valentine’s Day gifts, for example, within the app’s boutique. The app also provides recommendations from restaurants to spas — they named it “Q Insider."

Members can still request personalised services -- a table at booked out restaurants, a private jet to Krabi or the limited edition Birkin bag, say, through the app.

The app currently covers 50 cities.


Updated January 27, 2014


The Entertainer

The EntertainerTravel with style without breaking the bank.iOS: App Store

Android: Samsung App/ Google Play

Blackberry: Blackberry World

Traveling cheap or traveling well? The Entertainer has solved this particular dichotomy with its coupon app.

Founded in Dubai, the Entertainer used to be a book of coupons sold in bookshops. But the brand has launched an app to serve the same purpose through your mobile device.

The app covers 23 cities so far, with more to come, and has recently launched in Hong Kong with partners like French Window (French restaurant) and Gentlemen’s Tonic (high-end barbershop).

It explores various merchants -- from hotels to hairdressers to restaurants -- near your location that offer buy-one-get-one-free discounts.

Users just have to show the app and redeem the coupon when they’re at the location.

The Converted by Ideon

The Converted by IdeonConverter for the world.iOS: App Store

While most travel converters take care of currency conversions, the Converted by Ideon is an ultimate all-in-one conversion app.

Currency and Imperial-metric -- such as Fahrenheit-Celsius and mile-kilometer -- conversions are all included.

The interface is minimal yet stylish, allowing users to drag a converter bar, rather than input discrete quantities.


WikitudeMore fun than reality.

iOS: App Store

Android: Google Play

Blackberry: Blackberry World

Windows Phone: Store

Better late than never.

Launched five years ago, Wikitude has been one of the best Augmented Reality browsers according to Augmented Planet and CNN.

By using the camera in your smartphone to view your neighborhood, information will appear on the screen, hovering over relevant locations.

The app syncs a user’s location with restaurant reviews from TripAdvisor and Yelp, photos and tweets about the same location from your friends’ social network accounts as well as details of the attractions from Wikipedia.

The app also doubles as a currency converter. User just have to scan a bank note using the app to convert it into multiple currencies.


Updated November 5, 2013


Hotel Tonight

 Hotel TonightImpulsive trips made easy.iOS: App Store

Android: Google Play

What if you booked a room in the wrong Oxford? There are 22 Oxfords in the U.S. alone. Or what if you have an unexpected layover because the airline messed up your booking?

This is when last minute apps like Hotel Tonight come in handy.

The app also guarantees the best rates possible and offers 24/7 real-person customer support via phone or email.

Note that it's only compatible with iOS 7.0 for apple devices.

City Maps 2Go Offline Maps

 City Maps 2 GoHead for Starbucks just for the 30-minute free Wi-Fi? No more. iOS: App Store

Android: Google Play

No more overpriced data-roaming fees.

City Maps 2Go Offline Maps' greatness is as straight-forward as its name -- it provides pre-downloaded city maps which don't require any Wi-Fi or roaming data once you're at your destination.

As well as providing offline GPS services, the app also pins locations of bars, restaurants and shops.

The free version only allows limited downloads of maps.

The Roller Coaster Guide

 Roller Coaster GuideAnd the fastest wooden roller coaster ride with the longest drop is …iOS: App Store

Aimed at a very niche market, the Roller Coaster Guide allows riders to browse through a database of over 5,000 roller coasters -- with photos -- to find out the speed and height of their upcoming ride.

Or they can filter the rides by the height, top speed or even build material to decide the next theme park to visit.

The best feature: the app supports ticket booking and offers exclusive discounts daily.


Updated June 25, 2013



pingspotA virtual pin board for all your favorite outlets. iPhone, iPad: App Store (Free)

Imagine a virtual pin board that flags you and your friends' favorite restaurants and shops. 

That's Pingspot in a nutshell.

The app allows you to ping places you visit, leave a photo and a recommendation for your friends, so that together, you can discover the best eats and hippest outlets around you. 


FlyingFacebook, but for airports. iPhone, iPad: App Store (Free) 

Flying is a fun and quirky way to keep track of your flights and share your trips with your friends. 

Not only does Flying provide the basics of your trips, including departure time, terminal and gate number, it does so in a fun and slick way to make "the act of flying feel special again."

You can also interact with your friends and earn stamps for each flying achievement you've unlocked. Flying also keeps track of the total distance you've flown throughout your trips and shows your journeys on maps.

Flying is currently in public beta.


iStoneLanguage barriers busted with iStone. iPhone, iPad: App Store (Free) 

Worried about asking for directions to the bathroom when you're stranded in the middle of a shopping mall in Paris? iStone may be your savior.

iStone is a translation app that is designed for travelers without any great linguistic skills. It records and translates into 12 languages and comes equipped with more than 300 useful phrases.

iStone also features native pronunciation and requires no Wi-Fi. 

iStone basic version is free. 

Packing Pro

PackingproPacking Pro takes the stress out of packing. iPhone, iPad: App Store ($2.99)

We've all gone through it -- half way to the airport you remember you've forgotten to pack something essential. Or even worse, arriving at the airport to realize your passport has expired.

Clumsy travel "accidents" are common, and hard to avoid. Packing Pro tries to help. 

With Packing Pro's customizable lists, users can plan what to bring for every type of trip, from a luxurious family holiday to a budget backpacking adventure.

The newly upgraded Packing Pro can be synced over iCloud and lists can be shared via email. 


postagramVirtual postcards that materialize in your recipient's real mailbox. iPhone, iPad: App Store (Free)

Android: Google Play (Free)

Sick of sending cliched touristy postcards? Travelers can surprise their special someone with a one-of-a-kind, personalized postcard of a photo from their phone, Facebook or Instagram. 

Postagram allows you to design your own postcard by choosing a picture and adding a message.

Within days, the postcard will be mailed to the recipient's (real) mailbox. Postagrams also come personalized with the profile picture of the sender. 

For a limited time, new Postagram users will be able to mail their first five postcards free of charge. Afterwards, each postcard will cost $0.99 for U.S. addresses and $1.99 for international ones. 


photosynthPhotosynth can shoot 3D images, something even most DSLR cameras can't do. iPhone, iPad: App Store (Free)

Windows Phone: Windows Store (Free)

Thousands of photo apps out there, but how many allow you to take 3D and 360-degree pictures?

For travelers who want to remember everything around them, Photosynth offers an upgrade from the average photo app. 

It captures images not only from left to right, but also up and down, stitching them together to create a 360-degree view of your surroundings.

Once you've created a Photosynth, you can share it on social media.


Updated March 6, 2013


Fly Delta for iPad

Delta Fly Glass Bottom JetNo need for weeks of planning. You can fly by the seat of your pants with this handy app.iPad: App Store (Free)

Fly Delta, like any decent airline app, is equipped with check-in tools, e-boarding passes and gate info.

But this app’s most download-worthy feature is its “Glass Bottom Jet.”

It provides a bird’s eye view of locations you’re flying over, allowing users to explore the area with photos, landmarks and Wikipedia pages. It will also tell you which Facebook friends you’re flying over.

You can spin the globe to explore worldwide destinations. They come complete with shopping and dining guides.

Your iPad will also be an entertainment system when flying Delta, accessing in-flight movies and the downloadable Sky magazine, as well as highlighting destination related music and movies.

101 Things to do before you go abroad

101 Things to do before you go abroadThere's more to England than London and fog.iPhone, iPad: Facebook App (Free)
Android: Facebook App (Free)

VisitEngland’s Facebook app is building a list of 101 best English experiences.

The national tourist board wants locals to consider looking around their homeland before vacationing abroad. International travelers can also use this colorful interactive map to find activities all over England.

Everyone is invited to vote and offer suggestions. There are six themes, but for fun times too cool to categorize, they are pinned “because it’s awesome.”

Ideas are collected until March 10; nominees are announced mid-March. The complete list of 101 Things to do will be official April 23.

Some top experiences include stargazing in Exmoor’s International Dark Sky Reserve and watching the Gatehead Millennium Bridge tilt.


Splid Security insuranceSplid will back you up if you get into emergencies during travel.iPhone, iPad: App Store ($0.99)

This app is like insurance against difficult situations during your travels. Splid is essentially a photo and audio app, that does not allow files to be edited or changed in any way.
Sounds like a step backward?

The idea is that the “Photoshopped” argument, where one party accuses another of falsifying or changing a picture or file, cannot be used.

Splid allows users to record their awful hotel rooms, inedible food and obnoxious travel reps and then save those file to the cloud.

If it comes down to their word against yours, Splid will have solid evidence.


Updated January 11, 2013



MinubeNot a fan of ours? Create your own guide. iPhone: App Store (Free)
Android: Google Play (Free)
Windows Phone: Windows Store (Free)
Minube is a e-library that stocks thousands of user-generated mini-guides.

The Madrid-based start-up social app covers 24,000 destinations in about 200 countries (and counting). There are more than 100,000 mini-guides from travelers for free or at a small cost.

The app tracks nearby spots recommended by travelers and allows users to search for locations worldwide -- from restaurant reviews at your current location to insider tips to Park Güell in Barcelona -- “How to get there without dying because of the hills” -- by browsing through an image library.

Users can also plan and interact with friends using Minube.


SpringPadOrganizing can be fun, finally. iPhone, iPad: App Store (Free)
Android: Google Play (Free)
The latest smart notebook by Springpad is a hybrid of social networking and organizing with a good-looking layout.

Springpad takes the notebook to the next level by adding further details to your entries automatically. It’s handy to create a checklist for a trip -- when you add entries like hotels, restaurants or landmarks, the app will save contact information, reviews, maps and pictures.

The data can be shared with your friends on Springpad and the saved data can also be accessed offline.

Airports by TravelNerd

TravelNerdYou can find out if there's a toilet on your way to the connecting gate before landing.
App Store (Free) 
Not just another real-time flight tracking app.

In addition to flight information, Airports by TravelNerd allows users to access information on the airport, including gate information, detailed floor maps, Wi-Fi availability and opening hours for shops and restaurants.

By using the app, users can pool other travelers who can share a taxi or just find different ways to travel to and from the airport.


Updated November 23, 2012


Air France Music

“Hidden tracks,” literally.iPhone, iPad: App Store (Free)

Maybe the most entertaining airlines' app -- the latest Air France app combines music player and game.

Air France's music is no longer only available onboard. App users can now "catch" the tracks hidden in the clouds (virtually) by raising their iPhones towards the sky and aiming at the music icons in the sky.

The tracks captured can then be added to the playlist. Music available will vary in different destinations -- from Barcelona to Tokyo to Buenos Aires.

Even better, some unreleased tracks, free concert tickets can also be expected several times a year through the app.


Fotopedia Wild Friends

What is this cute animal and where to spot it? iPhone, iPad: App Store (Free)

Fotopedia Wild Friends is another gorgeous photo library created by Fotonauts Inc. after Fotopedia National Parks, Heritage, North Korea, etc.

The app is packed with great shots of wild animals, educational information, as well as the stories behind the photos.

It also locates the animals' pictures on a map accordingly — it includes locations and wildlife in Europe only at the moment.



Xe Currency

Make shopping abroad easier.iPhone, iPad: App Store (Free)

Android: Google Play (Free)

Xe Currency app is the app to go for if you are not a fan of clumsy currency conversion.

Apart from just an accurate currency conversion app, it provides the historic rates for the currency. You can monitor different currencies simultaneously and rate the highs and lows of the currency before even planning the trip.

It can be used offline.



Updated October 11, 2012



seatguru appUltimate seat planner.Apple: App Store (free)

Android: Google Play (free)
Many flight booking apps may find you the cheapest tickets but not many provide enough crucial information -- from seat pitch to the proximity to the toilet to the likeliness to be bumped -- especially for long-haul fliers.

The new SeatGuru app developed by TripAdvisor has those details covered.

It not only allows flight search but also features the website's signature color-coded seating plan -- green is a good seat and red is bad. When clicked, a pop-up box provides seating advice and amenity information.


waze appNow you can know if you should drive to the next gas station to save money.Apple: App Store (free)

Android: Google Play (free)
Before hitting the road the next time, download Waze, a user-generated traffic information app.

The social GPS app gets drivers together to provide live traffic updates on jams, police traps, accidents and other hazards.

It also saves cost by comparing the oil prices of the gas stations along your routes or around you. Waze has partnered with a few gas stations to provide discounts through digital coupons on the app.

Its service covers more than 100 countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Ecuador, Israel, etc. But some of them still require more users before the information available is strong.


SnapCastVideos made easy by SnapCast.
When travel photos are not enough to show (off) what you are seeing, SnapCast may be helpful.

It’s targeted at citizen reporters but is also useful for enthusiastic travel bloggers, by allowing users to produce a 30-second, narrated video package without post-production editing. Then, you can swiftly upload and share it on social media platforms.

For now, it is still in its beta stage. Sign up on their website.


Updated August 21, 2012


TripIt Free

TripItLeave your piles of confirmation letters and contact details at home.iPad: App Store (Free)

Android: Google Play (Free)

Travel is great apart from the headache you get dealing with all the itineraries, reservations, numbers and schedules.

Travel organizer TripIt helps to make your life easier in this respect.

By forwarding your travel-related emails to TripIt’s account, the app will create a calendar for you, especially handy for business and frequent travelers.

In addition to organizing, the app provides maps, weather forecasts as well as suggested restaurants and attractions.


SceneSpotterIf taking a picture in front of the Brandenburg gate no longer satisfies you, try SceneSpotter.iPad: Facebook page

Android: Facebook page

Who is more qualified than local tour guide? Several local guides from Lufthansa’s SceneSpotter app.

The airline’s new Facebook app highlights local insights and personal travel tips from Facebook users as well as specialized SceneSpotter editors.

"Users can get unique travel tips on 20 of Lufthansa’s European destinations from locals and insiders," says Dr. Torsten Wingenter, Lufthansa's head of global co-ordination social media marketing. "Therefore, experiences and tips that are not mainsteam."

"But what makes this app really valuable and sets it apart from traditional city guides is the fact that users are able to have real-time information and advice on places to see and visit, they can share these tips with their friends and also see what their friends' plans and their recommendations."


CityJetBook and manage your flight with just a few clicks.iPad: CityJet's mobile site

Android: CityJet's mobile site
If CityJet’s 15-minute check-in promise isn't good enough for you, you may want to try the Irish regional airline’s latest app.

“The majority of our customers are smartphone users who want the convenience of accessing our services on the go,” Christine Ourmières, the CEO of CityJet said in a press release.

The CityJet app allows customers do what they normally do on website: view flight schedules, book flights, manage reservations, check-in and view flight status.

It also keeps you updated with the airline's latest deals and promotions. You will be directed to the app at in both Apple and Android devices.


Updated June 12, 2012


Milestones in Innovation by Boeing

boeing milestone appHistory of flight, on your phone.iPad: Boeing Milestones (free

Android: N/A

For anyone who’s interested in the history of aviation, Boeing launched its first official app for iPad -- Milestones in Innovation.

Users can learn about the nine decades of aviation innovation and the airplane company’s history and highlights through high quality photos, an interactive timeline and four videos.

"This is the history of Boeing as a digital coffee table book," said Fritz Johnston, Boeing's vice president of brand and advertising.

Some highlights are 1916 when Boeing was founded by Bill Boeing, and the delivery of the 787 Dreamliner.

Condition One

Condition One appVirtual reality meets vacation videos.iPad 2: Condition One (free)

Android: N/A

If looking at regular photos and videos of your vacation is not enough to bring back the memories, you might need something more impressive.

Condition One is an application that can gives you a sense of “being there."

See a video demo here.

Combining still images, narrative video and engagement with tactile controls, the app has series of first-person, 180-degree immersive videos that can be controlled by the user.

As well as the usual stop, play, pause, fast-forward options, the viewer can pan through the virtual world as if scanning it in real time.

Once this provides the option of shooting your own videos, the world of vacation filming will change forever.

Image it

image it appPictures speak thousands of words, in many languages.iPhone and iPad: Image it (US$0.99)

Android: N/A

Injured in a foreign country and don't know the word for bandage? "Image it” instead.

This application helps to solve the language barrier problem.

It has more than 450 pictograms in a number of set categories such as food, emergencies, accommodation and transport. Users can pick up at most three pictograms to convey a message, much like a puzzle.

The app also lets users to create their own pictograms by inserting pictures from their phones or drawing or writing on existing pictograms.

No internet required. 

Kuoni brochure-browsing app

kuoni appBrochures, guides, articles and more.iPad: Kuoni brochure-browsing (free)

Kuoni, a long-haul travel specialist, has launched a new application for iPad users that gives access to the company's brochures, videos, travel articles and website.

Once downloaded, the brochures can be read anytime without the Internet. And the app checks for new brochures automatically and will flag for users to notice.

“We want to make Kuoni as accessible as possible," Kuoni ebusiness and publishing vice president Matt Rooke said.

“The app self-updates so customers are getting the best quality of information on a daily basis, in a format that suits them.”


Updated: May 7, 2012


Ritz-Carlton's Presidential Tips

Ritz Carlton appVIP treatment, even before you walk into the lobby. iPhone: Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts (free)

Android: Ritz-Carlton Hotels (free)
Guests, and even non-guests, of the Ritz-Carlton hotels can tune into the some of the best-kept secrets, VIP treatments and best deals through its new mobile app.

One of the most anticipated features is "Presidential Tips," authored by president and COO Herve Humler who shares his tips and experiences on each Ritz-Carlton hotel dotted around the world.

"I want to enrich a Ritz-Carlton experience for our guests further with details about the things I have found to be quite memorable and marvelous in my travels. With the Ritz-Carlton App I can now do that very easily and in real-time," Humler said in a press release.

The app also provides QR codes which include tours of the hotels.

For example, the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua QR code will guide guests to the hotel's art collection while the Ritz-Carlton Berlin features an exclusive digital scavenger hunt led by various mobile codes and clues.

New destination and landmark tips will also be uploaded every week by Ritz-Carlton Concierge experts all over the world.

The Ritz-Carlton App is free and available on iPhone and Android.

Zuji Packman

Zuji Packman appYour very own packing buddy.iPhone: Zuji Packman (free)

Android: N/A
Love traveling, but hate the chore of packing? You need a "Packman."

Packman, launched by online travel agency Zuji, helps travelers organize their itinerary, coordinate their packing and share travel schedules.

"Holiday packing is an integral step of the journey and the Zuji Packman is designed to help organize this process while making travel planning fun and more efficient," said Zuji managing director Asia Pacific James Gaskell.

Using the app, travelers can create multiple packing lists, set up personal reminders and even see what others are packing.

"It's fast, simple and easy to put together a list, share it with your friends and get out the door, safe with the knowledge that nothing has been left to chance," Gaskell said.

ZUJI Packman is available free of charge in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, with an Android version to launch soon.


FlyRights appHigh tech way to complain, or praise. iPhone: FlyRights (free)

Android: FlyRights (free)
Mistreated at TSA (Transportation Security Administration) checkpoints in the United States? Violated? Discriminated?

Previously, there wasn't really much travelers could do when they went through uncomfortable inspections at airports.

But via a new app called FlyRights developed by Sikh advocacy group, Sikh Coalition, travelers can now file their complaints right on the spot.

Your complaint is not only is listed on the app, but can also be sent directly to the TSA's official website.

"The TSA asserts it doesn't profile -- this application will allow us to better assess whether that's true," said Amardeep Singh, director of programs at the Sikh Coalition.

The founders of the app explained that although the TSA tells its screeners not to profile, they have not adopted effective measures to guard against it. The app will hopefully push the TSA to implement better safeguard against profiling, they added.

"All travelers now have an easy way of speaking to their government on the issue of airport profiling," said Singh.

Available on iPhone and Android.

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