Angry Birds Land: First official park to open in Finland

Angry Birds Land: First official park to open in Finland

Power up, save eggs and destroy those evil green pigs in the new Angry Birds theme park
Angry Birds Land

Finland's Särkänniemi Adventure Park is to open the world's first officially licensed Angry Birds theme park in June.

Angry Birds Land will be the authorized, legitimate and slightly more sophisticated alternative to the unlicensed Angry Birds park that opened in China in September 2011.

Angry Birds Land soft-launched last week but "some of the birds are still migrating," according to Miikka Sepälä, CEO of Särkänniemi, referring to installations that had not yet been set up. Official opening will be on June 8.

The multimillion-euro investment is a collaboration between Särkänniemi, Finland's most popular theme park, and the mobile game's Finnish developer, Rovio Entertainment. 

It will be nested in a half-hectare area inside Särkänniemi, tickets to which cost €19-35 (US$25-46). Entry to Särkänniemi also covers entry to Angry Birds Land.

Angry Birds LandThis structure is free of incoming Angry Birds.

There will be 12 rides and attractions, an adventure course, a shop, snack and food stands in the area.

"It consists of comprehensive theming, state-of-the art sound experience, two new rides as well as 10 rethemed ones, an Angry Birds shop, snack and food stands, amusement park games as well as Angry Birds games of course," said Sepälä.

The CEO's personal favorite is the Angry Birds Adventure Trail, in which players go through the level of a classic Angry Birds game using a handheld device.

Angry Birds LandControlled flight, though a thick jacket is probably recommended.

"The Angry Birds Adventure Trail is a MUST," Sepälä wrote to CNNGo in an email.

"Kids or guests will help the birds to save the day from the piggies," said Sepälä. "It means physical play and exercise as well as interactive elements, sounds, water and mist etc."

The idea is to create a "magical place" where guests will experience the area through handheld devices like phones and iPads, said Sepälä. 

He added that this kind of installation, utilizing handheld devices as navigators, is the first in the world to do so. 

Angry Birds LandA rather different take on a lighthouse.
By using the device, visitors can "power up" and gain points. 

The 27-year-old Finnish adventure park will also add a few more attractions to the other parts of the park this summer. 

"It seems to be a huge success" so far, said SepäläLevel accomplished, with three stars.

Särkänniemi, Tampere, Finland.

Angry Birds LandAngry Birds soda. Hopefully no birds were hurt in the making of this drink.

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